Come Sit Down in Tahrir Square by Bankrupts

Folk Rock
Final Round: 1  

This is a condensed version of the song, and I like the way it came out. The Arab Spring has extended into summer, and there are no instant or easy solutions. And yet, the people are full of hope and purpose right now, ready to go the distance, and this song is meant to commemorate what they are doing. I wish them luck.

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You're asking for comment on bass, but "where's the bass?" was the first question I pondered here.
Oh come, you're just making shit up on the spot with that "mass-murders" stuff.
Really this ain't all bad. The slide guitar seems to be where it needs to be, generally, which the vocal melody generally does follow. Drums, though glitchy in spots, generally lay down a solid pattern. That beat needs something else with which to relate, however. Definitely a descernible bass part grooving along with it, at very least. That's fine to have the slide guitar just holding its chords, but then some other rhythm player, laying something down, locked in with the bass & drums would make this a full arrangement.


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This starts out with a real cool engaging chorus...Love the rise on Tahir SQUARE...Its uplifting n catchy n musically reminds me a little of Roxy Music..
Gotta say the song loses its way abit after that as it feels like a pre-written lyric is trying to be crammed into the same chord pattern..There's parts where this works and is interesting n free-but other bits where it feels awkward n forced.....I gotta say there is a certain charming quality i enjoy to this kinda untutored rythmic flow-that floats strangely above the standard chains of the 4/4 rythm (and often even of the chord rythm beneath) making its own shapes in the stratosphere..It'd be great if there was some judicious editing done tho imo-the best bits kept n the worst bits chopped n reshaped..In either case,the chorus should be sung EXACTLY the way you sing it the first time round when it reappears...It really works best like that imo...

Steve Ison