In The Sands by Babbling Genius

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Written by RJ Grady. Guitars - RJ Grady, Dave Lauber. Keys - RJ Grady. Bass - Dennis Ralston. Drums - Ian Trambaur. Lead Vocals - CJ Denecia. Backing Vocals - RJ Grady, Dave Lauber.

Featured Review

Pretty cool proggy psych heavy rock track with great vibey live sound-excellent expressive rock lead vocal (complete with excellently executed rock god falsetto) singing some hob-goblin arthurian questing lyric..
Its seems like it was made in 1970 by a proto-Black Sabbath or Deep Purple kinda band but there's a vitality n energy n the performance and a genuine sense of atmosphere created by the (obviously) live band playing together-well recorded..
Alot of the chord changes are rock cliched f'sure-the same chord chorus is totally rescued by some fabulous b/vs creatively placed-the lyric seems preposterous-but the singers great-the guitarists smart and the band as a whole have a vitality n life force thats just undeniable..Neat apeggioed demonic ending too..There's a creative spirit alive here i definitely enjoyed
Nice one :)

Steve Ison

Featured Review

I've just listened to one track that I felt was brilliant, but this far surpasses what I just listened to - this track is simply awesome!

I absolutely loved the guitar work, and it sounds like a band I used to listen to a lot from the 80's - Magnum!

5.58? I could have listened to it longer! However, a great change of rhythm and pace towards the end of the song, which for me, put the icing on the cake.

Absolutely fantastic, and I'm so glad that you met that traveller!!

Ailwyn Rees


In the Sands

I met a traveler, on my trek through off dusty roads
he told me faraway lands, of history not told
the beauty, the splendor of Syrian worlds
of Persian girls, and taboo lore, of futilistic gore

He sang to me, songs of dance
songs of love, sweet romance
I thought of the life I lead
it was if I wanted to be freed
I asked him how, how can I reach these worlds
I cannot tell you, there is no way but maybe someday

if you know what you want (things around you will come)
if you know what you want (what was can now be undone)

I spoke to him through words undressed
tried so hard but I just couldn't suppress
through my eyes he tried to express
his woes of fear and loneliness

I can't believe where you've been (for leaving is a sin)
I can't believe where you've been (confinement won't hold me in)

How could I, leave this man
as fast as I had ran
he had, left me, left me in the sands
his storied tale I could unfold
of his loves, his lives untold
it's no so clear, so as I wake
his whole crusade, I will forsake


I met a traveler in my dreams
just goes to show you
things ain't what they seem
in this world of white hot fire
in this land of deep desire
I was beside myself that night
within myself without a fright
now I'm tired
I'll turn out the light
and now my friends, I'll say goodnight.

good night.

(c) Babbling Genius

Words & Music - RJ Grady