No More Games by Babbling Genius

Acoustic ballad
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Written by Dave Lauber, CJ Denecia. Acoustic guitar - Dave Lauber. Guitar - RJ Grady. Bass - Dennis Ralston. Drums - Ian Trambaur. Lead Vocals - CJ Denecia. Backing vocals - CJ Denecia, Dave Lauber.

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Enjoyable incredibly 70s easy listening poppy rock song...Its almost like someones unearthed a demo song from an unknown early 70s band and put it on here..There's a lovely unaffected quality-a genuine innocence n sunshine mood here that i really like...The rising major-minor chords,the pleasant widdling lead (SOOo reminiscent in tone-and feel of Brian May circa Queen 1-tho perhaps a little more undisciplined n indulgent than him ie- less focussed-some great licks-some widdling messy ones)...The tune/chord progressions are simple but intuitive-there's a sense its written with love-so i can't help but enjoy its spirit..Love the little falsetto leap at the end by the vocalist,who's got an excellent voice altho the 'stole away my soul' is a little bit rock affected..
This is actually a pleasant suprise to find in alternative-but by rights should really be in 'pop' the way i see it-tho of course its not pop by todays standards but a kinda affectionate wave from a bygone era shot thru with sunshine....
I'd put it on a station to play again f'sure

Steve Ison


No More Games

Memories of broken dreams, tears and falling rain
walls torn down guess we're finally freed
we'll start an ending to the pain
apologies that it came to this
I guess the truth is hard to face
all been touched been a poison kiss
I guess it had to be.


Can't hide in the dark any more
cus the dark won't go away
no more lies behind closed doors
no more secrets, no more games

Wasn't just a nightmare wasn't just a dream
you stole away my soul
you broke my heart and you broke me
till I lost all control
taught me all about your bad love
but I survived through falling rain
I'lll leave you here in the darkness dear
cus you taught me all about pain


No more games

(c) Babbling Genius

Words & Music - Lauber/Denecia

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