All I Want by Babbling Genius

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Written by Dave Lauber, RJ Grady, CJ Denecia. Guitars - RJ Grady, Dave Lauber. Bass - Aaron Miller. Drums - Steve Romano. Lead Vox - CJ Denecia. Backing Vox - Babbling Genius.

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This has a wonderful vibe n exhuberance right from the off- from the excellent grinding bass n electric intro to the breathless vocals that come rushing in unexpectedly on a fresh chord..Its noisy,lofi n garagy n brimming with energy..Really cool...Neat harmonied chorus and the little riff imbetween the singing was great there too..

Was wondering where to place this stylistically-Hendrix ? Elvis Costello ? Punky Hawkwind ? Beastie Boys ?.. early Led Zepellin played by partying Chipmunks ?..Then when the rapping came in i suddenly realised it probably originates somewhere in the early 90s when funky drum and rock combined...and the lofi sound is prob due to it being pulled off a cassette of a long lost master to be uploaded here..

I like the counting section-but wasn't so mad on the rap bit..Not that it wasn't energetic n well done for what it was -but it kinda wastes time that could've carried on with something musical,'specially as this was a cool song..

Steve Ison

Featured Review

This certainly is one odd duck.
Have to say I had some difficulty following any kind of thread as if maybe there actually was one. I'm pretty sure there was some very clever stuff being shot off, and it pretty much works in a word flow perspective.
As the song opens up, I'm dismayed somewhat by thiness of sound, pretty decide that the garagey vibe of this thing was intentional. It's really a nice abrubt shift from the intro to the verse. And then the chorus as actually feeling pretty catchy. Guitar playing is a little nutzo...maybe a little like Red Hot Chili Peppers - there's actually some funkiness here that maybe relates to them as well. But also some campy type interplay.
Pretty crazy, but this song pretty much grows on ya.


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