The Book by The Addiction Club


From the dead of life, a man can be reborn with the voice of a woman.


The Book (Voice Of A Woman)

Late at night, I let my mind
wander far away
to another place and time
in the dead of winter.
I remember how I couldn't think
of living any other way
I hid my soul, with the lies
of a lonesome dreamer


But I heard you read the lines
from a book that I'd forgotten
and I understood, I'd been living dead
you burned my blood to a raging boil
with the fire of your emotion
but soothed me softly
till I stopped pretending.
the voice of a woman, let me live again

Sometimes I, I wondered why
on a bright and sunny day
the rains could find me
and my skies would darken
but now I open up the book
we're rewriting every day
with every word the lows and highs
smile welcome


Guitar solo

And when my time is done
and I'm reaching for the new dawn
I'll look back at the book
and the faded pages
and I'll remember
the voice of a woman
I'll remember, the voice of a woman
let me live once again

(c) DeGarie/Denecia 14-02-10

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