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Audiopolis blind review system beta testing underway!

It's happening!

With a large intial offering of songs from the members of the original forum - AudioRefugees; fueling the system and a number of these same folks doing the first reviews, we're in motion!

This first round of reviews is already yielding an eclectic variety of written text reviews as well as feeding the Audiopolis chart results overall and by genre.  Thanks to all the contributors for their efforts in both the giving and the taking.

As we evalutate how the system is working - both in function and in results, we're seeing that we have a few minor bugs to work out but all in all, the system created by our own suedepudding --->              is already showing signs that it can and will be a very accurate and fair appraisal of song popularity and also, a good barometer of what people like and don't like about the songs our musicians have entered into the system.

So you know, the written review aspect of the format is incredibly important to the reviewees but it's the multiple choice questions and the preference questions which are now building the charts.  As well, there's a certain entertainment value that the general public will find attractive while the whole format is giving the aspiring music reviewer his outlet for talk talk and musical evaluation.

which is making the whole scenario potentially appealing!

if you haven't uploadd songs onto or you haven't been part of the reviewing corp thus far - we strongly recommend that you do so!





Blind Review Engine Description

  Our blind review system will allow you to get detailed opinions about your music from more then just your friends and family. Your music will also receive a rating based on the reviews. Here is how it will work.

A reviewer will have a selection of genres and rounds to choose from. The choices are also narrowed down to exclude any songs they have reviewed and any of their own material.


After they have entered what they like they are taken to a review form. This form loads up two songs from the choices and allows the reviewer to score them and enter a written review.


From that form, each song gets its data for our scoring system. Our rating system is based upon our fixed rating questions which you can see on the left column of the individual aspects section. On the right column are questions the author of the song chooses. The author questions will not be counted towards overall ratings and chart placement but might be invaluable to the artist.

Our scoring system also works in rounds. You will receive a set number of reviews per round. If your score is over a certain threshold at the end of a round then, you will be promoted to the next one. If you reach a certain round then your song will be promoted to our Hall of Fame category. You won't win anything there but, along the way, you will have received a lot of feedback and new listeners of your music.



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