Robert Clark

Actually, there was no band named Robert Clark .... but instead, after the demise of Central Florida band - CRANIAL SABOTAGE in '94, RJ and I (cj) continued playing out as acoustic duo WOODEN LED and 522. I continued singing lead but also played acoustic bass on most songs and 12 string acoustic guitar on a few others. RJ, well - he played both of those when I wasn't AND doubled up or singly played a 6 string acoustic lead guitar. plus he added backing vocals.

For the good times, and for posterity, we recorded a number of covers, mostly from the zep library but a few other from our live songlist. As well, we wrote and recorded a number of originals.

Those are what are listed under the band ROBERT CLARK. As with many previous recording projects, we didn't go to the studio but instead used the trusty old Tascam 424 ... cus of that, some of the production is suspect and certainly, despite recording as many as 16 tracks on a song - they were bounced onto an end result 4 track master. Add to that the fact that most recording sessions were soaked in herb and drink and well .... don't expect the hit factory to come calling any time soon.

But we had fun and finished out our live partnership with a documented history.

BABBLING GENIUS, CRANIAL SABOTAGE, WOODEN LED and ROBERT CLARK. RJ Grady and CJ Denecia, guitarist and singer, moved on and then there's today.

The Blinking Eye Rock
Monkey Rock
Chosen Rock
Time I Took You Home Rock
Heart To Mind Pop
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Songwriter, instruments, vox