Mudsoul Slave

(from the early 2000's, the band became deceased before finishing the album ...)

Mudsoul Slave renders together an eclectic blend of classic, modern, and experimental rock into a style they have dubbed, "Modern Retro Rock." The music invigorates the soul by reaching in and grabbing the listener with every note, every word, and every sound. A true emotionally driven band, the trio consists of some of independent music's heaviest hitters.

Over the past 2 years, the band has released 5 singles, all receiving critical acclaim from many voices in the independent music world. Songs like "See Ya Later," and "Meditate" really bring out the bands ability to get the senses jumping with a powerful rock feel, catchy hooks and phrases, and overall tight sound. But they don't stop there. Tracks such as, "Missing Judas" with its tear jerking guitar parts, passionate vocals and strong, emotional lyrical content, "Lover" with its flawless vocal harmonies, and heart crushing melodies really take the listener into the minds and soul of this artist. But, they don't stop there. The song, "Better Day," will take you on a journey into a groove and zone like no other. Mudsoul Slave is truly one of the independent music worlds' most talented and powerful bands.

Mudsoul Slave offers a sound that just about anybody can relate to. They offer up the "real" world with their music. From the intense rock tracks to stadium driven power ballads that will make you raise those lighters, Mudsoul Slave is here to stay folks! This band will take you on an emotional rollercoaster and you won't want to get off.

See Ya Later Rock
Better Day Rock
Missing Judas Pop
Meditate Rock
Seasons Sigh Rock
Lover Alternative
Band Members
Vocals, production
Drums, bass, vox
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