Hop on Pop

Hop On Pop is Todd Leiter-Weintraub, a songwriter who is too restless to keep himself chained to a single genre.
The project's first album, As Drawn By Ethan, Age 2, was recorded as a genuine full-band affair and was released in April, 2004 on Spade Kitty Records to positive reviews, but relatively modest sales.
The band splintered in August, 2007, leaving leader/songwriter Leiter-Weintraub alone, to pursue a more fluid format for the next Hop On Pop album.
Todd convinced HoP drummer/percussionist/multi-instrumentalist David Kling to help him out in this new venture. With Kling on-board, he picked up friends, musicians and acquaintances, nerds, and various insects wherever he found them to record a new set of songs for the anxiously awaited follow-up.
Being that the lineup changed from song to song (and that Todd's listening habits range from apples to submarines) the songlist for this new venture is even more stylistically diverse than the debut. It delves more-deeply into Todd's love of traditional American music, as well as into punk, klezmer, and electronic pop.
The new album, Chicken on a Bicycle was completed in late, 2009 and was released February 16, 2010 on Spade Kitty Records.

Break My Heart Rock
The Key Country
You Wrote This Song Country
A Perfect Girl, A Perfect Tune Pop
Tortured Artist Rock
I'm Pathetic Rock
Here Alternative
Come On, Let's Go Pop
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