Welcome to Audiopolis

Welcome to Audiopolis, a new idea in music websites. You’re probably wondering what this place is all about. If we had to sum it up into one word, that word would have to be “passion”. Passion for music, passion for honesty, passion for freedom, passion for life.


Audiopolis exists for, and because of, new and independent musicians looking for ways to improve their art and reach the ears of the vast listening public.

For too long, the music heard by the public was largely controlled by a few large companies with the money to provide the artist with studio resources and a distribution network. Today’s technologies allow new artists to create a quality of music at home that once required expensive studio time and scheduling. The internet now allows artists to reach a broader audience without being “filtered” through the major music publishing companies and now is helping to level the playing field by letting independently produced artists be seen and heard without having to sell their rights (and their souls) to a major label.

Audiopolis is a website dedicated to the independent musician, with the primary goal of helping each member achieve a higher level with their craft. We want everyone to succeed in what they do, regardless of their level of advancement.

Our members range from seasoned professionals to beginners, each bringing something valuable to contribute. All come together with the same goal: to make music and make it better than before, and, to help others do the same.

Audiopolis is a place where you can get helpful tips on your music from a production or performance standpoint. A place to get honest, concise reviews on your work from pros who have spent years on the stage, as well as in the audience. A place to network with other musicians from all parts of the world, to learn new ideas and techniques from the collective experience of other members, a vast and growing pool of knowledge. A great source of musicians for internet collaborations and recordings. A place that will help you find solutions to technical and business issues, with tips and suggestions from folks who have dealt with the same problems that you may have.

We want to provide the independent musician with the best place to go if they have any question about their music or how to best market it. If we don’t have the answer, we will, at least, try to point you in the right direction.

We give our members a place to display their music, including “double-blind” competitions for members to see how their musical creations rate amongst our listeners, another form of useful feedback to the members.

We also offer some of the most spirited discussions you will find anywhere on a musician’s website, The Audio Refugee Forums. Plus, “The Bin,” a special forum where you can speak your mind on any subject you wish without fear of censorship. Not for the squeamish, but always an exciting place to visit, and where you just might find the true meaning of the universe. Or not.

This site is not for everybody and will probably remain so. It is not for the faint of heart nor is it a place where phonies are easily tolerated. It is a place for ADULTS to assemble and exchange ideas and music. If you are looking for a website that will fill your head with phony accolades and promises of stardom (especially for a fee,) this isn’t the place. We encourage honesty, even when it hurts. But, it’s reality, and the pain fades quickly.

It might surprise you that you already know one of our most important members. You!

That’s right, every member here is equally important. You are the lifeblood of this site. You will help make this place successful or “just another website.” The more that You give, the more that You will receive. In more ways than You can imagine.

We are not here to get rich running a website. We don’t ask for any money or exclusive contracts. But this site is not free. We do ask for one thing from each member.

Your passion.

We need every member to be actively involved. If you don’t really care about music or helping each other make the best music they can, then please move on to the next site.

We hope you’ll stay and join us in changing the face of today’s music by helping us improve this site and your fellow members improve their craft. Don’t be shy, speak up. If you have suggestions, make them. This site is yours, too, so help make it a great one.


And, best of all, make some great new friends along the way.