Stagnant Charts.

Yes, the charts.  the charts are .... well ... stagnant.  at first glance. 


But believe me, behind the front page, in the engine and on the genre charts - it's happening.  The only thing is, because of how the system is built and because we aren't getting as many reviews as we are songs, the top of the main chart is slow moving.  That won't last forever ... lots and lots of songs are getting very close to either moving on to round 2 or seeing their contest come to an end in round 1.  It'll happen after a song reaches 10 reviews and many are 1, 2 and 3 songs away.  Some of these will likely make for some movement at the top - plus there are some songs with less than 6 reviews that are getting great scores and will likely scramble things up soon thereafter.


Trust me. Trust the Blind Review System (BRS).   It IS working but it's working according to the speed of reviews.  And obviously, it's those we need more of to speed things up .... so, take a few minutes and hit that DO REVIEWS link on the navigation bar and do the deed.  Invite others to join the site and participate - both musicians and non-musicians alike.  Anyone can review music.  You don't have to play guitar or be in some rubbish band to play the game here ... and it can be fun. 


Unless you're only pretending you like indie music.  Unless you're a corporate clone lover.  Cus the labels are still doing the thing they do with radio and charts and such ...


But here, you can be the judge.  As well as the victim and perp.  and the charts will move .....


I know things.