Audiopolis: round 2

Site news
Hi Audiopolis AudioRefugees!
First of all, we want to thank you for your participation at = THANK YOU.
Secondly, we want to point out that we've made a few changes in the system.  Of course, we're still more or less in the BETA testing stage of the site and the process but to be honest, because of the nature of what does, it'll probably be in  the 'beta' stage for a long time.  Meaning, we're flying by the seat of our pants and making changes on an irregular and basically random basis.
Cus we are trying to adapt to what results the site generates.
We now have a round 2 going on, with those songs that reached 10 reviews and scored the highest among all songs in their first set of reviews received.  Congratulations to all round 2 survivors and our condolences to those songs that have received the allotted reviews but didn't make the cut to round 2. (you can see those on any chart page under the FINAL RANKING)  The good news is for those that didn't make the round 2 cut, you can still re-enter round 1 again at no peril by going to the song page and ticking the box for entering the song into the review system. (this will be disabled in the future unless you pay for it with whatever site currency we end up using - such as review credits)
As well, we wanted to tell you that we've changed the review queue process.  When we first launched, songs entered into reviewers queue based on date of upload.  and it was a static process.  We have now become more dynamic because we've changed the criteria for selection into review pairs to a RANDOM choosing.  This gives new songs an equal chance of being reviewed first as well as giving the songs uploaded early on in the BETA cycle a chance to be reviewed against different songs every time they come up in the queue.
But, do keep in mind, we ALL have to review songs in the audiopolis review system for the process to continue working as well as it has thus far.
We also want to tell you we've made some other improvements and adjustments to the site.  Your member (user) bio information is once again visible (after a short period where it vanished due to coding and site layout glitches) and we've added a link to your audiorefugees forum and PM page.
You should also note that you can change your audiopolis theme back to the light blue and white look in your profile pages (notice the tabs at the top of the content to get there)  We'll be adding more themes as time permits.
Please tell your friends, family, enemies and pets about the site and encourage them to sign up and do reviews, upload music and participate in the community by posting in the forum.
We're trying hard to make your audiopolis better but we need you to help by participating.