Welcome to New Audiorefugees!

We'll try to supply valet service, complimentary champagne and a polite, professional and positive introduction to you. (heh, then it's gloves off)

You, in turn, can tell us who's your daddy and what does he do.

Welcome to New Audiorefugees!

Postby shankarji » Thu Dec 11, 2008 10:59 am

Hi and welcome to Audio Refugees, a small but beautifully formed collection of music forums, inhabited by a disparate bunch of indie musicians intent on expanding their minds, as well as their musical and creative recording skills.

In our lively Reviews forum, you are very welcome to upload your tunes and have them reviewed by our musically aware collection of reviewers, most of whom honed their writing and reviewing skills at sites like gb.com. There is no charge for this feedback, but we'd like our new friends to get involved with this community and the great music available here, so please...before uploading, take some time to listen to some tuneage, read some of the reviews and then offer your own insights. This will help you familiarise yourself with the AR folks and in turn, give them some incentive to reciprocate and provide you with the detailed, honest and knowledgeable feedback that all of us indie musicians crave.

We are currently working hard to develop a brand new music website, which we hope will provide indie musicians, writers and bands, a place to show off their chops and network with other like minded souls. OK...I hear you saying, "Sounds like another MySpace." Well, in some ways it will have some similarities, but our focus will always be on the music, because we strongly believe that independently produced music in the 21st century has as much, if not more, quality than most of the pap you'll hear on the radio. So it's our intention to support indie music and do all we can to connect music fans with musicians and bands...and by so doing, create a buzz that will resonate throughout the online music world and in the process, benefit us all.

So come on in and enjoy the fun. If you have web development skills and would like to get in on the inception of our new site, speak up...we need you! If you're a musician/band/songwriter/performer, welcome to AR...a natural home for your music. If you're a music fan, you're in the right place...forget about shelling out your hard earned cash on dodgy cds from so-called major recording artists...take a listen to the wide range of great indie music we have here and chat and interact with the artists creating it!

So once again, welcome...post your own thread in this forum to say hello and introduce yourself and have fun here...after all, that's what rock'n'roll is all about!


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