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Postby steban » Fri Dec 16, 2011 10:08 pm

Jamstix is having a winter sale with big discounts, FYI, so I bought the Jamcussion expansion unit and the Bonzo Pack and another with brush sounds and more cymbals.

Jamcussion simulates having 3 percussionists playing in addition to the drummer, so they play bongos and stuff like that. Comes with an assortment of styles as well.

Bonzo Pack is these Maple drum kit sounds which can be played with sticks or mallets and gives one that big Zeppelin sound.

I've yet to use them, but I believe it might make the concept of a virtual drummer more flexible and fun!

cj had mentioned my drums sounded a little thin on The Last Reality Show, so this might actually help in the future.

I'm still a novice with it, but slowly I'm learning ways to get the sound I am searching for to come out. I'm quite sure a better drum programmer would kick butt using this product.
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