Meaning of Love

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Meaning of Love

Postby slywitt » Fri Sep 09, 2011 6:57 pm

My wife and I kind of threw this together last weekend as a present for a friend (yep) getting married.
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Re: Meaning of Love

Postby cjdenecia » Fri Sep 09, 2011 11:33 pm

wow sly ... my teeth hurt.

but I did go to the dentist today for a scraping.

no real review coming here ... but maybe a few thoughts about what to do to make it a little better. after a compliment or two ...

unique. yet it's undeniably you. I like all of the campiest moments - a lot. sounds honest. I even like the pseudo horn solo ... bring that down and put a little large verb on it ... smooth it out just a little in sound. it'll never be mistaken for real but that's ok. it's proud of itself and that's probably more important ... the verse melody is real good ... very dynamic. the chorus is lacking something - or something is a little off ... maybe it's just that the transition from the verse doesn't really rise at all. feels a little linear. if there's still time, I think I'd look for the same interval progression so the melody pattern stays the same but maybe look for a different starting chord which remains in the same key. if it becomes too high doing that, look under for the chord (I have no clue what key you're in but for example, if the verse is based on a D and the key is D, an lower A would work ... or something ) but raise the vocal register - maybe by an octave, which shouldn't be too tough cus that's a 2 and a 1/s step drop.

that might work. I don't think it's the instrumentation that needs changing up there. more what the song does. the added vocals work well ... a little sloppy ... I think that's fine for the lead vocal to be somewhat loose there but the backing vox need to be tight. and well panned - with what I think you've already done with doublign and layering.

needs a bassline too. on bass. with harmonic tendencies in it's part. keeping it well low and out of the piano's path. (except on harmonic/rhythmic fills)

nice delayed entry on the clean guitar ... double it and use a different eq and hard pan it left and right.

drums .... well .... I like the beat ... and I don't mind that it sounds like a loop that never changes but that snare .... well ... well ..... sounds like it comes straight out of a 1982 casio tone bank. if you can't find a better sound - at least drop it down some by putting a little verb on it. (just the snare) ... or ... just write a real drum track with a good kit sound. that is the weakest link of the song. just having a ride cymbal running through the chorus and horn solo would help a bunch.

but - all that aside ... again, it's really kinda nice. not odd in an off the wall way but more from a "the bastard had the balls to use a knackered drum loop, cheezy horns and a conversational talk section in!" btw - that spoken passage was very natural on both your parts and both of your speaking voices sound and "feel" good. the wife is very sweet yet not a pushover. and I'm not always a big fan of this approach.

did I mention I was not gonna review this here and now?
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Re: Meaning of Love

Postby Peevette » Sat Sep 10, 2011 2:40 pm

Nice gift, Sly!
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Re: Meaning of Love

Postby Steve Ison » Sat Jan 21, 2012 10:47 am

Its wonderful Sly..Totally disagree with cj..Chorus is fabulous-great transitions,inspired vocal melody n rythm..The whole songs instantly cool n feels 'right'..Songwriting is a totally undere-appreciated art in the modern world-and you make creating magic seem easy n effortless......

The spoken section i really could've done without - but as you said its meant as a gift not really for common consumption
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