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forked roads

PostPosted: Fri Feb 19, 2010 8:53 am
by pharquartt
this is a tale of two songs with one central part. and how two folks can see a totally different song in a musical phrase.


it was cold and windy night and the power went out. my gear was all powered through a battery backup system and i had about two hours running time in the system without AC power. so, sitting in the candlelight, i was working on a piano riff that would be the base for the idea i was working on. i came up with a bass line and some basic parts and sent a rough draft to Krispy, asking her if she was interested in doing something with it. In the meantime (actually, a number of months....sigh), i added some background accent stuff and eventually mixed it down to a rough instrumental that i presented to this crowd as "Blackout."

Meanwhile, Krispy had sunken her teeth into it and came up with some lyrics and some change requests. (typical woman -"i think i like the couch over there instead"...... :roll: ) so i tried to rearrange the thing a bit and added a couple of new chords and changes and sent that back for her consideration. she wanted to continue with this collab but i ran into some health issues and fell down on the job, leaving her frustrated and wanting to strangle me. since i had also recorded alternate takes and approaches to different parts in the song, i sent her all of the tracks i had and told her to have her way with the tune and i was dropping out at that point. smart move on my part (and hers).

she continued to play with it (and fix my mistakes) and came up with a totally different song, a much better version of the original idea. when she got served a lemon, she made some tasty lemonade. :bow:

and that is where "Soul Souk" came from.

but they had the same piano lick at the core. go figure.... :tard:

Re: forked roads

PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2010 4:24 pm
by Peevette
Its amazing what Kimmers can do once she's sinks her teeth in, eh??