Signal Flags debut LP in its entirety!

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Signal Flags debut LP in its entirety!

Postby SignalFlags » Mon Oct 08, 2012 11:08 pm

We're a Seattle band with a new record. Check it out at Our first review gives the nitty gritty of what we're about...

Okay, I'm only on my 2nd spin through this, but I'm ready to comment. Um, I don't write about music much ("writing about music is like dancing about architecture"), so I'll be short and to the point. I am a musician who grew up among the references and influences in this here music. Conversations with Signal Flags is a deft mashup of familiar (but never tired) r&r references from the 60s and 70s (garage, British Invasion, Southern Rock, FM AOR "classic rock", dreamy folk, psychedelia, a sprinkle of punk, maybe even novelty) put in a blender and thoughtfully, tunefully, and even wittily rearranged and served back fresh. Many of the songs flow into one another, and the best listen is all the way through. Production is pretty down and dirty, but there are some refreshing moments of uplift in there as well. Give it a spin while you go about your day; I bet it will take hold. This seems like one that I'll dig in deeper with.

Ha, I just noticed that the tags for the band match my description, so I guess they are what I think they are! Seriously, give it a go. Signal Flags is some good s***. A1 Homegrown Rock & Roll!!! They know what they are doing, so take a ride with them.

Disclaimer: I know one of the guys in the band (maybe the only guy in the band, not sure), but this is no puff piece. This praise is well-earned, and I'm glad to heap it on. As we all know in this digital age, there is plenty of crap out there. This ain't that.
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