How to upload music to Audiopolis in ten easy steps.

If your logged in and ready to go... Click this link to create a band  Click this link to add music

Whether you're a solo musician, band member or even a band representative (manager with legal rights to upload music on behalf of an artist or band) - there's a few easy steps to adding your music to Audiopolis.

Here's how ....

1.  Register as a user.   HERE.  You should register as a "user" (standard member) regardless of whether you want to upload music for a single band OR multiple bands.  Follow the registration procedure knowing that in the future, you can edit your profile details within your account.  Choose a user (screen) name that's unique to you - it can be your real name or something you pull out of your bum - just try to avoid offensive or profane words and phrases and don't create a name that "seems" to duplicate any other audiopolis user.  We reserve the right to edit any such screen names.  We're not fascists but we can play like them if we have to.  Play nice.

2.  Create a new band or artist on Audiopolis.  You can create as many bands as you like, managing them from your user account is simple and easy.  Just log in to the site and go to YOUR MUSIC  from the top navigation bar on any webpage.

3.  From that page, on the top left - under where it says "hello *user*" - there are 2 links, one for creating a band, one for adding music to the site.  You must first create the band and if you try otherwise, we won't let you do it.  Why?  Don't ask - if we tell you, we'll have to kill your puppy. (or drink all your beer or kiss your sister - maybe all 3) ... anyway, click the "Create a band" link and follow the directions on that followup page.  Simple stuff.  Even a Mississippi Baptist minister could do it. (though we don't suggest you change religions for this reason alone.)

4.  Done?  Good.  Let's move on to uploading music.  Are you still on the YOUR MUSIC page?  Good.  Click the link to add music .... the page will be titled "Create Music" - which is a little misleading cus you won't be able to actually create the music from the page but you can upload your previously written and recorded music to the website here.  And you can add a song image and write a bit about the song and even add the song lyrics.  Isn't that cool?  Have you ever seen anything like this before in your freaking life?  We think you should call your mom and tell her about it.  She'll be thrilled.  We are.

5.  WAIT - hold on .... did you make sure to get that second field right?  the one near the top of the page that enabled you to attribute the song you want to upload to a specific band?  (if you only have one band listed, please feel free to let your multiple personalities talk amongst themselves while we talk to the people who have multiple bands).  It's important that you pick the right band for the song kids.  If you have a polka band and a heavy metal band, the confusion that can arise on account of getting it wrong could damage someone's psyche or even cause serious bodily injury.  We think you know what we're talking about - it's not like you haven't ever heard an accordian pumped through a Marshall Stack.  Scary.  People propose marriage to shopping mall security guards after hearing this sort of thing ... so - on that dropdown menu - get it right.  Pick the right band for the song and don't come crying to us if you mess it up.  We're busy sorting out what band to get for the wedding.

6.  BTW - Handle changing those Review Rating Questions now if you have a mind.  We'll tell you why soon enough. 

7.  Be sure to listen to your uploaded songs.  If something went wrong with the upload, or you actually picked the wrong version of the recording or something else went bad - there's no time like the present to correct it.  Of course, to do so, it's possible you'll have to delete the song and start over but still, better now than later.  LISTEN TO YOUR SONG.

8.  Announce it to the world.  You've put a song on  Tell your family, friends, boss, co-workers, pets, minister, dentist, congressperson, therapist, coach, mailman, milkman, taxman, tell your other personalities and announce it in our forum.  We all care and we all wanna give you a high five and kiss on the cheek (like Auntie Gladys does).

9.  N/A

10.  We're done here, move along.