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Audiopolis is reviews and reviewers, musicians and fans.  Here, you review music and/or get your music reviewed. We are dedicated to the independent musician with the primary goal of helping each member improve their song-craft. Through member reviews, community discussions and other avenues, we strive to help everyone succeed in what they do musically. Regardless of their current level of achievement. All independent musicians and listeners welcome!

Latest Reviews

Nice Funk/ Rock Ailwyn Rees
A great Funk/ Rock number, especially if the singer struggles to remember his/ her lyrics when performing live? It would make a great soundtrack number but hey ho, we'll review it here instead! Nice thumping bass intro which gets lost somewhere in the mix further into the track! Keep the volume up, as the bass is the backbone of this number and should remain so! The lead guitar kinda takes over, but should it? Drums sound rather hollow, Did you use a drum track or record them live? All in all a good listen. Well done!
Summer Boogie Pat

Yep...... you pulled it off, living the dream with me! Ailwyn Rees
What a lovely laid back folk song you've produced here! It certainly put my head in a spin! It flows along nicely with well written lyrics, a lovely melody, great commercial appeal. pleasant musicianship, not overdone, true folk-style! I've listened to it twice now, and you have achieved the full house, 4...4....4...4...etc. Well done, and I sincerely hope more than 3 people listen to this!
Dreams Mr. Troll

9 to 5 - another Floyd-like experience! Ailwyn Rees
Well hello again, welcome back to the graveyard of the dying species also known as Audiopolis Blind Reviews! I always enjoy listening to your Pink Floyd inspired compositions with your John Lennon like nasal tones. I have awarded you a full house for the following reasons: 1. You still make the effort to visit the site on occasions. 2. You haven't given up on making classy tracks. 3. A fantastic arrangement. 4. Very laid back number leaving you chilled out. 5. You simply want to play it again, which I'm doing now! 6. It certainly ticks all the boxes, the piano being the lead instrument, very much in Dark Side of the Moon vogue! The originality somewhat speaks for itself! It's a lovely melody too! Nice one, but such a shame so few will hear it!
9 to 5 (barely alive) Pat

Backing track ROXI
I really hate long long long intros. Its a nice arrangement but just lacks spice. I think if it had lyrics it would give it more punch.
Blue Mind Mind Party

Nice take me away song ROXI
I like the Melody a lot. Very smooth and relaxing. Not sure what the song was about because I had a hard time hearing the words correctly. Just the right length for a lovely song. thanks
Universe Sly Witt