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10101 Nervosa
The guitar needs some meat to it. It sounds like it's coming out of a "My First Guitar" combo pack. The other parts are complimenting that idea, everything just sounds canned. Maybe it's true, maybe it's not. The singer is learning how to sing while he's in a band. The drums are probably the strongest point, although they are probably programmed. Structurally, Rock 101. There is no sense of risk at all. I feel like someone was late to recording and just woke up and wrote, recorded and mixed a song together then went back to sleep. There's absolutely nothing wrong with starting out (unless all musicians suck), but chances are you don't want to be screaming you are just that. With that said, I've heard and probably recorded much worse starting out.
TV Rays Sam Sinister

rocking fun times ... cjdenecia
there ain't gonna be any faulting the production or recording on this - it's obvious after just a few seconds. everything is spot on. vocals on top, snare just under, rest of drums following, great guitar tone and stereo placement and bass holding the ass to the floor. backing vocals accenting .... ooooops, spoke too soon, lead guitar about 3-5 db's too much gain ... it's not gonna kill anything but it's noticeably louder than anything, including the lead vox. never. not even in a jimmy page mix. anyway, the production otherwise is super. the performances .... well, they are fun. yep. fun. pretty damn well executed but with a sense of pleasure in the doing. and that's infectious. drums drive, bass pounds but doesn't overkill, guitars crunch but also stylize. vocals melodize and harmonize and bring it all together - and finally, that too loud guitar solo is premo shit. lots of character as well as chops. it all sounded like it was a good time, like it was performed with smiles on faces and bodies moving ... and that is something special. and it draws the listener in and makes part of the experience of the song. where the foot taps or the head sways or maybe even the whole body gets into it - all the while, with a smile on the face. wanting to learn the words to sing along ... which brings us to the song. it doesn't have a big hook but it doesn't matter cus it's all melodic and inviting. it's pop rock and that's not supposed to be super serious or brooding ... and this song hits the buttons on keeping it light and airy. full of beat and boasting it's place in the world, which is simply to have some fun in some musical overtones. you can drive to it. you can dance to it. you can play ball to it. you can piss your neighbors off with it by playing it loud. what more can you ask?
Going Away Pat

Groovy pseudo oriental alternative rock ptalbot
Cool tom groove in the intro and the "cha cha" add a great vibe to it. The arrangement is quite bare, with the drum groove and a steady bass line, the meat of it being vocals, with various layers, from male bass stabs to the meandering female lead. Tasty stuff overall. A little too bare though, I was hearing some oriental-oriented(!) guitar fast arpeggios and melodic lines to counterpoint the vocals, maybe some keys at some point. I wonder how this would sound with a fuller arrangement anyway, which is a good thing because this means I quite like the song. The ending is deceptive though, I would have tried something more definitive, perhaps build until a final "bang". I don't know, I can imagine all sorts of arrangement things on this. Some cool potential, and with a little bit more work on the arrangement this could be a great one. Keep it up!
The Vigil Phlogiston

Experimental alright! A song? Not so much ptalbot
OK, let's put various loop one after the other, throw an occasional ominous synth line to break the monotony and add a distorted vocal with pretentious words on top of the whole thing, then let's call that a song. Make sure the lyrics are full of the social conscience kind and press record. That's basically how this thing came to life. Is it listenable? If you're high, maybe, in any other cases, not really. You end up winning this round because the other one has despicable methods and I refuse to rate it or review it. You wouldn't have otherwise.
The History Wrote Ingo Lee

Billowy Nervosa
It's a bit foggy in the mix. It's dreamy, I get that, and I like that vibe, but it's damaging the flow a bit. The vocals are haunting. Again, I get it, that's the point, but it's dragging on the song. A bit of a bummer. The drums are cool though. Well written, I think, fun. May be a machine, I don't know if you were going for that. The lyrics are stagnant throughout the song and it makes a very stream-of-conscious like structure, as if I were listening to the same verse the entire time. I couldn't pick apart the changes in the song, maybe that was the point. I almost forgot the guitar. It felt like an afterthought in the piece, like they weren't totally necessary. The acoustic is a little hokey, could use some love in the mix. It could use some tweaking, or maybe re-recording. Yeah that vocal effect is a downer, I would rethink how that was implemented. Anyway, this has an interesting message. The way the lyrics and effects carry the theme is a plus, I think there was a point to be made, I think the rest kind of stumble around in the mix and there are editing issues that stretch out some problems.
Metal Detector (soft) Expresso Stebo