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Audiopolis is reviews and reviewers, musicians and fans.  Here, you review music and/or get your music reviewed. We are dedicated to the independent musician with the primary goal of helping each member improve their song-craft. Through member reviews, community discussions and other avenues, we strive to help everyone succeed in what they do musically. Regardless of their current level of achievement. All independent musicians and listeners welcome!

Latest Reviews

Piano.. nunani
It is a light musical piece with a beautiful harmony and a very active part in B. 2 minutes 47 seconds of good music, intelligently and made ​​with a pretty good structure. Melody has sensitivity and good taste. Natural images. Like, spring and fall...
Eyes of Sadness Krazykeyz Music

I guess that's why they call it the blues! Ailwyn Rees
A cool bluesy number with some Dave Gilmore-esque guitar work. Quite a fan of his aren't you? Maybe I've missed the point here, but I tend to base songwriting alongside lyrics? This I perceive as a good composition, as Beethoven never got assessed on songwriting for his instrumentals! Back to the rest of the aspects... good guitars lead the way, resulting in a great melody, arrangement, production, musicianship, leaving a smile on my face after 3'12" Nice one!
Autumm Blues Pat

Open your eyes... Ailwyn Rees
.... and open your ears to, as this is a pretty good tune! Nice intro on acoustic guitar, with a clock ticking like noise in the background, nice to keep time to! The track was ambling along nicely, then some percussion bristled into the mix, then, out of the blue, a Dave Gilmour-esque guitar solo appears, adding some gloss to the overall arrangement. Great songwriting here, like a Pink Floyd original, good musicianship, production, great melody... Orchestration also great, intelligent use of keyboards, strings, all leading onto a very good 11min 56sec. Yep, I listened to it twice!
Close your eyes Pat

Just another Piano... nunani
Good piano , slow, enjoying each note... It's not sad, but very sticky in its esence. That kind of music is very intuitive but needs all of your attention if you want every detail. The singer needs more "connection" to achieve the level proposed by the pianist.
Love To Be There (orchestral version) Pat

Mix of sounds... nunani
This piece of music can be considered a mixture and union of independent sound elements that slowly appear and disappear on a repeated rhythm based on ritualistic drums. Not much to say...
Time Turns Into Color RGMixProject