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Scratch my bass and I'll scratch your drums steban
You know, at first I interpret the scratch as just a home produced mixing error, and I am preparing to be forgiving because I'm liking the sound otherwise a lot. The bass drum, bass guitar, and cute little synth lead intro is really catchy even with that scratch noise. And then, of course, I fully realize the blown speaker is just electronic percussion, and suddenly I am anticipating it with special relish. The song musically develops with modern buzz sensibilities, building up until it is rather common sounding, a full on wall of sound, no real lead guitar but strong steady rhythm, no glam hair vocal angst, just the emo with cool stereo, and the synth is not freeforming but arpeggiating its way into its own hook. This is a love/lust wish song, prior to the point of pointlessness, and that is pretty much where it emotionally hovers, tinged with hope and desire. It remains where love is a thought, not a recent memory, and that is fine. I don't like everything about the song, lyrically it seems a little juvenile, but it could be much worse. But I love the intro, and the song builds very well. The melody is OK, not amazing, but the synth is pleasantly tasteful. Altogether it is a sweet pop arrangement for its 3 minutes.
At First Sight Andrew Kopacz

Progressive Metal Rock. Ailwyn Rees
Well, I wasn't expecting this! An interesting blend of metal, Rick Wakeman-like keyboards, choral-like voices, light and shade, all in all progressive and experimental. I liked the element of surprise within, not knowing where the song was going to lead to next, almost Yes-like. Quite a few accolades here, and you deserve them for being outrageous and brave! Guitars, drums, bass all solid in the right places, almost like you gave each their turn for the limelight! Great effort, and you win the round!
Clarity Krazykeyz Music

And Dream We Are Free..... steban
I am not able to understand all the lyrics, but what I do are cool- they know what is good for you- I am thinking it is dream police thought control, which is a reasonably intelligent topic. The incessant speed metal bass/drums is a blur, and there are nice parts, a lead guitar solo, some breaks and chorus-like transitions. But overall it just drives, and the melody is buried by that, but it is a normal melody in there somewhere.
Reflecting Lies

Fancy syncopation, big chords and poetic steban
The song has lots of words, but am I sure "I will wait for you" is the entire story. I'm not sure I'm understanding all the words, but poetry is like that. Ah, frozen in time! I like the line but have no inkling what that implies. The arrangement is pretty direct, a good amount of musical build with some cool vibes on the basic theme, and that keeps the music fresh, as the verses roll into the more memorable chorus, albeit vague in meaning, not words. I'm not sure what to say, it is a song I musically like but am ambivalent about lyrically. Perhaps too serious, perhaps any drama is lost in achievement of the style. It is good but not great.
Frozen In Time Pat

Love gets in your eyes steban
A solid guitar/vocal melody in this one. Bass is played well, too. The words are good for a sad lost love song, and the music is a touch more melancholy than not, and sung with such a smooth, sensitive, poetic, empathetic tone that I keep forgetting it is a sad song. Well, I suppose that is the case , that this end game of love was not the singer's idea or desire, but he is resigned to the outcome, to the unchangeable truth of the situation, but still bummed out by the freshness of it. There is a specific story here, a sequence of events, maybe it is the story of a man who goes away for work too much, until one day the one who waited became tired of waiting, who couldn't stand it anymore, and hence love slipped away... This has the Al Stewart/Seals & Croft softness, it is just not a summer breeze or even year of the cat this time, more like the James Taylor thought I'd see you one more time again situation, and I suppose people sometimes want to commiserate with a sympathetic environment, in which case this is one of those theme songs for such occasions.
The Love In Your Eyes Pat