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Me siento, amigo steban
I feel like this a cover sung in spanish, I just can't recognize the song. I know, it's like Bob Dylan's Lay Lady Lay but obviously not, and not exactly. I guess there is some melodic similarity on a line or two, but after that it is more or less its own slow dance tune. I like the general drift of the simple production. Drums and guitar and bass are destressful, and the vocals are unpretentious, but like Cheech they hold a special place in the annals of rock, although this song is not comedy.
La canción del adiós Da'bam

singer makes this otherwise dance ditty a parody cjdenecia
so much of this is cool .... great beat, great instrumentation, great production - well, a fine mix - tho the mastering is non existent. it really needs that cus it's not crisp nor warm nor hot. it just kinda sits there ... but the basic bed track is fine .... nice drums, good hats ... bass is funky while holding a good dance line down to the floor. scatty guitar works super well too. good fx choices .... especially love the good amount of air in the mix - nice restraint. keys are good tho frequently, they come and go in weird spots ... not a big fan of the fade out either - seems like there was something else to say that didn't get said musically. making me think the song lacked a bridge. a middle eight. something to hold true to the melody but break up the monotony. anyway ... backing vocals including rap sections are hot shit but somehow, I really hear how they line up with the lead vocal. but that's mostly on the lead vocal as it's the songs weakest link. the guy is in key, on pitch, has the words kicked in but his voice just isn't right for this song. it needs somebody who commands the mic and this guy ain't never gonna be that man. and the likeability of his voice is soooooooooo far below that of his backing singers it's a mockery. lyrics ain't spinning no wheels for me either .... all in all, a mixed result here. lose the singer, let one of the backing singers do the lead vocal. and get a bit more consistent with the keyboard and for god sakes, master this bitch.
Tennessee Waltz RGMixProject

A lost Stones from '66 steban
I like the solid rock arrangement of the song, even though I think the mix is off a little. Mostly the lead vocals is sitting too low in the mix, even though I can still manage to hear a lot of the words, which leads me to believe I could hear Mick in all his glory with a few decibels more. What I like the most is the drums, very old 60s even rock of a Charlie Watts or Ringo school, simple and yet introducing a hook to the song as it closes the verses. The lead guitar is a bit lo-fi in its effect, but it is played solidly and demands to fit up front n the production. The rhythm guitar has a real nice tone, probably what keeps the song together. The bass is well thought out and executed professionally.
Pandora's Box The Harry Wood Band

The Giving Tree Nervosa
Zeppelin is pouring out of this song's veins. Classic guitar, the guitar mix is carefully adjusted; it's just enjoyable to listen to. And the vocals just add another element to the song. The two just take care of each other. Man, the mood is just so great and I feel the effort and meaning. The song just knew it was doing from the start and kept giving and did not let up. Mystical stuff. I don't know how to put it. Great? Unique? That's boring. What's wrong with this song? The mix isn't radio friendly? It's so down to earth, though. I'll give this more listens and try to find better words, but for now I don't have any.
MOPP Robert Clark

Buzzkill or a Killer tune Nervosa
Alright, elephant in the room, this is punk 101. You ripped Dave King's face off and taped it to your head. The drum recording I think needs a fine tuning, not as fun as it could be. But the bass is delivering. Guitars coming in was swell too. The vocals have effort put into it, I don't know if it's something I'd listen to personally. Structurally, not a lot to think about. You know who you want to sound like and you're doing what it takes. It's not a pain to listen to, and this is probably fun live, I'll give it credit; maybe fun is all it needs to be. I mean you're singing about a zombie girl. So you got your punk riffs and you're zombies and some people might be bored with both already. Or it's just drinking and fun.
(She's a) Zombie Dead City Dealers