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bored with excitement cjdenecia
a good piece of modern metal pop happening by somebody who's proven his ability to meet and exceed a good number of the stars of the genre. of course some of the things that succeed about the production are some of the things that are wrong with the sound of the genre in general. in that, often times, the sound is sooo saturated and hot that you can't really make heads or tails of the parts while the sum of all of them make for a very popular presentation. personally, I prefer my stuff to be a little more easily appreciated on each level, with every instrument and voice carrying it's own slot individually but there's no denying this track works with modern standards involved. there's so little definition to the drums, the bass has few low end lows and the guitars are a wall of sound witth no direct focus. the vocals are flatlined with limiters and compressors and it's all just cookie cutter production all the way - comparatively excellent but still somehow missing dynamics. simply great performances surround the song .... can't help but know that despite the supersaturation. and it's a hip arrangement with great changes and a soaring hook of a chorus that works. vocals do stand out and tho the guitars aren't showing off, they carry the load of the song. it's all good really, but there's zero points for originality and the whole thing seems more crafted than from the heart. so, it's great .. but it's so slick. so formula. seems like I've heard it all before, many times over .... the thing is, I'm not getting much of an emotional boost from it and can't help but wonder if the song would stand up in a reasonable fashion if done on a few acoustic 6 strings too. great stuff but really - just wish there was something new in it ... I love it but hate it and myself at the same time.
Sunday Satellite Down

I get it ... wish you'd gone one step higher but ... cjdenecia
jumps right in don't it? and to be honest, I hear something there I can't help but think I've heard before from some other song in some other era. and because I can't pin it down and because the chorus isn't reminding me of the same, it's a good aspect ... new but familiar. the production is actually pretty decent ... the mix is strong and basically clear tho it sorta has a cluttered feel to it. I like that the snare drum is no 2 to the lead vocal and that everything else can be completely picked out and heard - as well as felt. the bass isn't traveling down any new roads but it fits with the drums and handles the low end relatively well - would sorta wish for a bit more thunderous lows out of it tho ... the kit is pretty well rep'd here, with good levels across the board on all it's skins and I really like the choice of ride cymbal on the chorus. basic pop rock smart. carrying it through the lead also fits my playbook. guitars are many sounding but carry the flavours and colors of the song well. the lead guitar is wearing out it's theme by the end but otherwise is quite well done and really seems likes it was carefully crafted to the song. the lead vocal could really use some support with some backing work here .... it's the lone ranger treatment when so many easy harms are available. the verse melody is strong and brings that familiarity card to the table .... the chorus doesn't rise and hook the way it probably should but it doesn't really detract as much as just treads on some cliche ground. some of that has to be attributed to the rather thematic lyric, which doesn't rely so much on imagination or creative thinking but more on very specific generalities which are highly overused in song already. strong singer tho. pitch ready. tonally, he's not quite edgy and sharp but does have some relatively decent personality traits which, in a simplistic way, are sorta endearing. I might wanna suggest some better vocal treatments which might shine him up a tad. reducing some frequencies while enhancing others ... and putting a nice shimmer on him with a better fx chain. something medium room verb'd with a light touch over a bit of slapback or something like it ... a good song. a touch of nostalgia but not a copy of anything. low marks on the hook front - cus the chorus isn't nearly as good as the verse but all in all it's melodic and the song has a good driving groove. I liked it. didn't love it but hey, like is way better than not like.
Into the Light The Frontliners

No Ice Nervosa
There's a lot of room to the drum mix, some fiddling with the recording setup should shine up the kit. The vocals are bit damp, not interesting in the mix, like I'm not getting yelled at enough. The guitar is hiding somewhat, but from what I hear the effects are quality. No complaints on the acoustic break. The change-up does a lot for me, I like the drive of the song a lot. So a little help on the vocals and mix will go a long way for the track. I don't hold a lot against it, but there's not a lot rubbing off on me either, I think the best I can muster up is "nice".
The Ballad of Whimsy and You Sub Rosa

dark song gets lost in the sound of 6 JCM's ..... cjdenecia
dark and heavy starts the pages words ..... with thundering bass and steady beat ... then a huge wall of a single guitar takes over the whole thing. actually, much to my dismay as it could control and command the song with a lot less gain ... ok, it's all gloom and doom ... the vocal melody shows that to be so. and it's quite cool, in a subservient sorta way to bands like tool, peppered with nervana tude .... but the guitar is sooooo loud. and leaves no room for anything else to really shout out it's portion of the heavy handed angst. yeah, it's all there, I can hear the drums, bass and vocal but I can't really feel them cus the evil axe is stealing the stage, the board and the ear. pity for the bass cus there seems to be some really cool territory laid out there for it's pleasure in pain. same for the vocals as there's a lot put into the laid back throat slitting part BUT it drowns big time under the onslaught of the dirty note sludging guitar. besides that, I really like what the guitar is playing - I just truly hate it's volume and presence and it's now officially ruined the song for me. and I don't get the 3:30 break cus it's so underwhelming when sitting next to that fuckereating axe. there's a really great downer song in here somewhere. too bad the production and mix engineer decided to NOT let me hear it. and tho I hate deciding song winners and losers depending on production, in this case, I have to cus I could hear what song A was trying to tell me and this one gets lost in it's own narcissistic rock star guitarist ego. trust me, until you reel that in, nobody is gonna buy your record nor sing your song. they'll simply turn you off and move on to something they can comprehend cus a producer actually had a vision worth sharing.
Letter Number Raff

lucky you didn't make it big, you'd be starving now. cjdenecia
uh ohhh .. band 1 against band 1 ... who'll win? and to be sure, I think this is an unfair review cus this is an old song that I most certainly recognize ... and it's as good now as it was then. and it's a little more better in production than it's review pairing partner. if for no other reason than the bass has some low to it. fact is tho, the production values are super similar and the overall sound is very very similar ... and the performances are a flat lined draw - except the vocalist is a few points better and the song is actually stronger in every respect. better riffing, better melody, better lyric, better natural dynamics. even better at exceeding other competitors in the genre. it's all still 10 years back but if it were to have been given it's due then, it could have been champion. can you live with that simple victory? cus if not, you are in denial about the fact that if circumstances were better, you'd right now be an impoverished has been of a rock star. screwed by warner and trying to hang onto the past with concerts at rodeos and two bit clubs where they gave tickets away to see "your name". cus you were that good.
Chemistry Satellite Down