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What the flower children say. Krispy
Essentially a sixties style song with a lot of words, most of which are muffled and probably intentionally slurred but they sound nice. A well constructed tune with awareness of a good format. The lead vocal is tuneful with wobbly vulnerable edges smudged by what sounds like a bit of chorus. Spacey backing vocals broaden the scape which is tinted with happy colours. A bit predictably but might as well follow the recipe. The production is a little muddy, leaving us reassured with a few seconds of good old-fashioned hiss. A pretty good Pop song, not outstanding or highly memorable but certainly didn’t make me want my time back. I’m not a big fan of that 90’s skipping drumbeat. I don’t know what it says except he thinks he’s silly because he lost his mind. Don't be so hard on yerself mate.
Bore... JoJoMax

That's all I gotta know... or is it? Ailwyn Rees
It's the more than familiar male vocalist again, doubling up on backing vocals, singing his heart out to a funky slap bass orientated track... Curious outro, though, fading out nicely, then a rather abrupt stop? Perhaps consider extending the fade for another 7-8 sec's? Influences?? This track would have fitted nicely within a Spandau Ballet 80's album, and the bassist somewhat reminded me of Mark King, Level 42, aka Thunderthumbs! A good listen, it's all been done before, so a good score for originality! Play that funky music white boy!
I Gotta Know Elvis ate my Goat

Wow.............................52 seconds! Ailwyn Rees
I've just completed a time and motion study... It takes 52 seconds to tick the relevant marks for the review aspects, then the song finishes with a bass solo... 1 root note. For what it's worth, it wasn't that good, but not that bad either... Songwriting - not too bad for 52 seconds worth, undecipherable lyrics though. Originality - reminded me of The Dickies, who did a remarkable version of the theme tune of The Banana Splits! Musicianship - tight for 51 sec's. Emotional Impact - left dumbfounded after 52 sec's. Production appeared to be somewhat effortless.... Hook? Not long enough to have one! Drums - I guess the drummer didn't even break sweat for this one? Guitar - pretty good Bass - excellent solo for the outro... Arrangement....
95 Days (instrumental version) The Trouser Cops

We apparently live in a hip pop world? Ailwyn Rees
Yes, I suppose it's a great way to get your songs reviewed on a frequent basis. Simply slip them into an alternative category. Works every time I suppose! I guess it's time to reflect upon the dominant words of your rap number... fuck... fuck...fuck..
Titans feat Lord Lhus & Savage Brothers Jakob22

Are you ready to rock.... with a hit an run? Ailwyn Rees
Lyric ranging from icebergs to hit and runs make a very interesting lyrical content with a good word flow. Doesn't exactly leap out and grab you like the deep voice in the intro suggests, but this number sits well in the Folk Category, a good solid production, but most of your compositions are! A nice melody throughout, achieved by a good mix and production, heard it all before so good originality, and this song should do well, assuming it gets plenty of reviews!
Near Mr. Troll