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Methinks it'll take more than you guys to rebuild this world Ailwyn Rees
So you're not very happy on this world, but is the grass any greener on the other side you crave to visit. Maybe not, but this creative piece does somewhat lamely suggest that it might be? I like the song. It's not original, but it does contain some very quirky and alternative lyrics, and doesn't follow the bog standard song format, and I like that! The musicianship is nice and tight, backed up by a gentle beat groove, sitting nicely alongside well thought out lyrics, sung well, all providing a pleasant melody. A good mix and production made the song a pleasure to listen to. Nice one!
Flee Simple Syndicate

Hope you enjoyed your ride on the rollercoaster train? Ailwyn Rees
Shock! Horror! Vocals on a classical number.... You caught me out there! There's me thinking of Mozart classics and this gravelly voice is booming in my ear! I suppose it is merited, as song writing appears to be one of the generic aspects these days! I liked the piano and orchestration, and a lot of effort was put into getting the mix right, resulting in a very good production :-) This is my first venture into the classical realms of the BRS, you win, but you might have just beaten yourself? When I click the button I'll find out!
Love To Be There (orchestral version) Pat

Where did the 3 blind mice run to? Ailwyn Rees
A Beatles White Album inspired number with vocals that I recognise immediately, and they live up to previous expectations. Bit repetitive on the "experimental" lyric within the songwriting. Were you lamenting the fact that the song wasn't placed in that category? It matters not, "alternative" fits the bill nicely. The track is well produced and mixed... apart from the drums? You have a good funky baseline going on there, but the drums appear to be somewhat AWOL? I know a lot of you guys like using Reaper, so perhaps revisit it and give the drums more "punch" to match the bass? Overall a track that leaves you feeling happy, therefore providing a good emotional impact, but the production let down by the drums.
Going Experimental Lés Espérimentalistes

It's not easy.... didn't we have it going on? Ailwyn Rees
It's not easy sometimes to select which aspects you want to be reviewed, as I could quite easily score you well on guitars and bass, but let's look at what we've got here... The vocals, both backing and lead, are very tight, prominent, and dominate the song, therefore very well mixed and produced. I recognise them instantly, but no clue as to what band name you are under this time! Such is the intrigue of the BRS :-) Onto the rhythm/ beat groove. One of my favourite songs ever written is Tusk by Fleetwood Mac, and the percussion in this one is very similar. It's not a criticism but a compliment, whether they be recorded live or programmed. The bass pounds along well alongside it, bud sadly not scored :-( The arrangement is vey prog rock like, therefore slotting into the experimental category, but maybe more suited to alternative? Just a thought! Not too much emotional impact here, but I appreciate that it's tricky to achieve that when dabbling with the experimental, so you are awarded a reasonable score here! Overall a great effort and well worthy of repeat listens...
Shadow Lamenta Phantom Music Box

I don't know why? Ailwyn Rees
You have the foundations here for a classic, but it's not quite there... The vocals seem out of tune in places, but it's quite frequent throughout the song, which leads me to believe you've selected an alternative key? I did play bits back, and as I did, I became more convinced that the mix needs an auto-tune? The bass is lost in the mix a bit too, so perhaps you want to consider bringing it up a few dBs? Guitars are good, pinning the song together, and in many ways, alongside the vocals, provide the general hook for the song. It all ticks along quite nicely, and has a pretty good emotional impact. Perhaps after a revisit to the mixing desk, you will have the classic rock number you're looking for?
Pass Me By The Harry Wood Band