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fun. done well. no seeds stuck in your teeth ... cjdenecia
that's a nice intro. full of frequency and full of interesting notes .... and the song doesn't let down from that point - in fact, it seems to jump almost immediately into the chorus and that's just musically smart. and good to hear. great production. big drums, lots of tonal variance - great lows on the bass, nice tone to the guitars and just a really fabulous sound. large. filling. satisfying. very intriguing lead guitar solo. quite different and completely cool .... not cookie cutter bs - just love it. nice expressive melody line - nice wording structure from a musical perspective. and quite a few inspiringly well crafted lines .... what is missing is harmony vocals. there's so much room here for them and they would strengthen the tune sooooo much .... but otherwise, a really pleasant song with a fabulous and unexpected outro ending. love it. good songwriting. great band. adequate singer. all in all, good fun to listen to. imagine that ...
The Love In Your Eyes Pat

a little commonplace but it's still to kill for - sorta ... cjdenecia
you got the beat. you got some groove. you got some sounds. and it is developing into more as the track moves forward .... can't help but like it. the vocals are smooth. the mood is smoky but crisp and jazzy. the mix is perfect, or as close as I'd want it. there's just nothing to fault about the production - unless of course, like me, you like more feel to the bass than note. which I do - and so that's my only complaint on that. great performance. 4 minutes of perfection. I can go on and on about the drums, bass, guitars, keys, etc and it'd get boring cus I'd nothing but excellent words to give. so screw that - suffice it to say the parts are expertly and professionally played. the vocals show very little adventurous spirit but do a great job living in the singers comfort zone - singing words that flow extremely well and giving the song what it needs. I can imagine more but I'm not disappointed in what's here. a solid song. an album filler that needs no apologies nor expects to be more than what it is and that's pretty damn good.
Frozen In Time Pat

I wasn't expecting this! Ailwyn Rees
Well, a Bass orientated intro, and then.... what happened next? In fact, it was the same throughout the track, and that's why I enjoyed it, almost like a journey into the unknown. Then a Bass outro... I've just reviewed one of your songs, as I recognised your distinct vocal style in this one, and I've assessed your songwriting using the same fair method! Really dig the bass throughout the whole track, lots of low end, bold and almost "In your face", but the drums... not powerful enough? I realise now that this your preference, but I would like to hear a bit more oomph in them... You've utilised the guitars very effectively, and they sit in there alongside the Bass, the two complimenting each other! This song wins, well done :-)
Más allá Da'bam

You seem to have all the chat up lines!! Ailwyn Rees
You've put a lot of thought into putting these lyrics together but I can't score you on them, as they're missing from your chosen ones. Not to worry, as there are more positive comments to follow. The production is straight out of the top drawer, vocals, drums, guitar, bass all doing their bit, and the backing vocals putting the final coat of gloss onto the melody. If you were to promote this number in the right places you could possibly have a hit on your hands, and I therefore award you a perfect 10! You also whipped the ass of your opponent in this round, but it might be you too? If it's not, someone else will feel the pain and anguish!
I'll Make You Fall in Love Andrew Kopacz

another track by a band who won't review in the BRS. cjdenecia
I'm sooooo bored I went looking for something to say on the net .... Adventure Time with Finn and Jake Wiki On the Wiki Wiki Activity Random page Videos Photos Chat Maps Characters Episodes Misc Community Contribute Watchlist Random page Recent changes Comments242 Why do a lot of people hate Flame Princess? Adventure Time Noob Adventure Time Noob September 9, 2012 User blog:Adventure Time Noob I have been hearing a lot of negative comments and just about everything that is a negative comment about Flame Princess. I want to here from you people why a lot of people hate her so much, like I have been hearing from people that she has a bland personality, or they hate her because she is dating Finn and not Marceline or Bubblegum, or she's just boring, I want to hear what you people think, because I have nothing wrong with FP, and I think she is a growing character in the show and she is awesome.
So Long Jakob22