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Intimate folk experience ptalbot
The guitar playing is a bit hesitant on this one, I think it could have been rehearsed a little bit more before pressing the record button. But there it is. Also it sounds like a DI, which for me is the ultimate bad idea. Recognizing the singer, I suppose that's a live song, thus the DI. The vocal is pretty low-key but I quite like it, it's emotional and I can have a direct connection feeling with it. Like I was sitting right there, in front of the guy (and again a mic in front of the guitar would have helped that feeling a lot more than the DI). I like the intimate feeling of that one though, a cool song. Sounds like genuine tale of love and pain. Well done.
Glass on Stone Mr. Troll

Folk complaint ptalbot
The guitar is unfortunately rather thin in this recording, which hurts the vibe a bit. Man! I'd love to see folk people take more care in the sound of their recording. This could make such a difference! I suppose they would tell you that it's not important and that the song is the focus. Fine. But still, a good sound wouldn't hurt, would it? The vocal fortunately is compensating with some good intonation and a great feel. Some wavering in pitch but it has a live feel that is rather agreeable. A rather good song, sounds like a complaint with a mixture of sweet melody and upbeat guitar. Quite a good listen all in all.
Perfect Love Mr. Troll

Medieval folk, flower power style ptalbot
Man, these drums have tons of room and high-end content! Right from the start the cymbals are ringing in my ears, a bit too much honestly. The snare is biting, with no body to talk about. The mandolin and flute are great additions, the flute gave some kind of Jethro Tull vibe to it which is pretty likeable, the mandolin on the other hand exudes medieval memories. Pretty cool combination. But boy, this mix is high-end heavy. I bet you've got a huge bump from 3k up! Not much low-end to speak about unfortunately. Bass is rather low and hardly perceivable. Kick is not there. Lead vocal is solid, and there's some good moments in the background vocals. The mix is overly wet and as said before the high-end is hurting. Some mastering could have helped regain some balance perhaps? A pretty tune, with some great ideas and cool performance. Nice instrumentation giving a rather original blend of medieval, and folk, flower power style. A good listen. Would like to hear what a remaster could do to that one.
Epimetheus' Diary The Audio Refugees

That's pop for you! ptalbot
I'm really not a fan of the heavy handed auto-tune on this one. It might go well with the style, but I can't help disliking it and it's quite obvious here and distracting, honestly. The song itself is pretty standard pop/rock, well served by a punchy mix, although I find it a little bit too squashed (particularly noticeable in the overly splashy cymbals). There's some clever twists and turns in the arrangement, but it doesn't really succeed in hiding the fact that the chord progression, song structure and melody is something we've heard a lot before... It sounds like too much effort was put into trying to make that hook something unforgettable but it fails there. The middle eight is offering a good contrast but its childish reprise of the melody with chimes and vibraphone-type synth sounds a bit out of place with the rather rocking rest of the song. A weird choice. The ending is clever again, but I'm not sure it's a success, going from full-on pop production to a seemingly live acoustic intimate venue with a lo-fi sound is bold but to me it doesn't work that well. So all in all, it's a pretty listenable pop production, and something that fan of the genre will probably like, but unfortunately something that they will likely forget about 10 minutes later. Good musicianship though, and some admirable attempts at making a different kind of pop. Keep it up. Next one could be a hit!
Seven Days The Case for Infidelity

Bitching in folk mode ptalbot
There's some noises at the start of the recording that would have been easy to edit out. The guitar sound is not too bad, but the vocal has some sort of delay/verb on it that is not the most appropriate. Too bad because it makes the singer feel remote, and that's the opposite of what I'd like to hear in a folk song, especially that kind of bare acoustic guitar+vocal song. Please make me believe I'm right at your side, around a campfire or something and that you're singing this one at the wee hours of the morning and we're sipping good wine in good company. Kill that delay. Ok, so it appears this is a live recording. Must have been recorded straight from the foh mixer on a two track. But I would like to hear that one with a better intimate feel, and a good sound. The song itself is not disagreeable, but it doesn't speak to me musically, so I didn't make much effort to understand the lyrics, sorry. A few lines caught my ears and it sounds like a complaint of some sort. Don't we all agree life's a bitch?
King of Fools Mr. Troll