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Groovy folk tune ptalbot
The guitar (yet another DI!) rhythm sounds very familiar... The whole song is pretty straightforward, if only for the lyrics which sound like they are tongue-in-cheek and well though of, they flow very well with the rhythm, which is a great thing, not always the case for folk songs... The vocals are nicely recorded, rather intimate feel. Too bad about the DI, a re-recording is in order. So I can't say it's a hit, but it's a nice tune with a nice groove and some cool vocals on top... what more can we want?
Near Mr. Troll

Ok folk song, not my favorite of his ptalbot
At the risk of repeating myself, I will say it again: a DI acoustic guitar sounds bad, and a real mic will always sound better than this. Once again, knowing the guy, I suppose it's a live recording, straight from the PA, but still a re-recording would be nice. The song is pleasant but doesn't really avoid cliche chord progression and melody. The vocal is fine and well done, although not always pitch perfect. I've heard quite a lot of that guy in a short while, and I cannot say this is one of his best. But it's listenable alright. With a proper guitar recording it could be even better than alright.
Baby Sez live 060612 Mr. Troll

An inside joke, but hardly a good song ptalbot
This sounds like it was directed at reviewers and a bit of an inside joke. The song itself is hardly a good one though. The melody is childish, and the arrangement sounds like it was aggregated from various lo-fi sounds without too much thinking about the overall effect, which is pretty bad. The timing of the 'guitar' (sounds like midi to me) and various synths vs the drums is rather approximated. Gives a feeling of indefinite meandering without too much sense of resolution. The vocal on top is much too loud and is kind of doubling a melody underneath but too loosely to be agreeable. I'm sorry but this one doesn't even manage to make me smile. It's tiring to listen to.
You Will Like This More Bankrupts

Love song, folk style ptalbot
Yes another DI acoustic guitar recording. I know the guy so I imagine that's another live recording. There again I would advise the same thing: record it again with a good mic and this will help the vibe of the song come across. The vocal is nice and easy, the song seems to be a easy love song, folk style. Nothing bad to say about it, it flows well, the singer's tone is somewhat pleasant if not always accurate, but it adds to the 'live' feel (unlike the DI guitar). But really, record that again with a good mic with a good room acoustic and this will be so much better!
Josephine Mr. Troll

Original take of a folk tune ptalbot
Cool trumpet/trombone(?) here in the intro, sax+recorder is nice and there's some attempt of a band arrangement put this one in the better half of this singer's tune. The mix is not always adequate, for example the bass is much too loud. It dominates the mix in a rather obnoxious way. There's no drums as well, so it was really not needed at that level. The telephone sound-byte is funny the first time, but a bit loud and I didn't think it was a good idea to have it ring again later. Some originality in the arrangement that is really welcome makes this song a good listen. Review the mix to address a few issues here and there, this song deserves it!
Broke Redux w/ Peeve and Hoss Mr. Troll