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mr. happy sun Nervosa
Super bright happy simple piece. It's really easy to listen to, so the mix can't be that bad. If I had to be picky about it, the acoustic guitar is a little rough and the vocals could use a shine. You could really bring the vocals out and make some magic there. The lead guitar is hurting a bit too, just a bit underwhelming in the mix. Structurally, you know what's going on. The creativity is not there, it's elsewhere. Sometimes things just need to be easygoing and simple. Where this song shines is the musicality of everything else. Definitely belongs in a Sunday picnic mix.
A New Tomorrow The Frontliners

Groovy pseudo oriental alternative rock ptalbot
Cool tom groove in the intro and the "cha cha" add a great vibe to it. The arrangement is quite bare, with the drum groove and a steady bass line, the meat of it being vocals, with various layers, from male bass stabs to the meandering female lead. Tasty stuff overall. A little too bare though, I was hearing some oriental-oriented(!) guitar fast arpeggios and melodic lines to counterpoint the vocals, maybe some keys at some point. I wonder how this would sound with a fuller arrangement anyway, which is a good thing because this means I quite like the song. The ending is deceptive though, I would have tried something more definitive, perhaps build until a final "bang". I don't know, I can imagine all sorts of arrangement things on this. Some cool potential, and with a little bit more work on the arrangement this could be a great one. Keep it up!
The Vigil Phlogiston

Job interview at Fort Alamo? ptalbot
I have no idea what this one is about. I just picked a few words here and there, the vocal is quite distorted and quite frankly I couldn't be bothered to make an effort trying to concentrate to get it. I only picked a word or two, like a "job interview"??? That's quite a contrast with the bare background with some midi guitar and cheezy synth with a chord progression that would feel more at home in a western spaghetti. So I suppose the experimental here is the juxtaposition of fake sounds, western chord progression and casual lyrics? If so, great one. If not, I must confess, I didn't get it, and I doubt I'm the only one.
curse of the wayward youth Bankrupts

No review for you ptalbot
I know you have a long history of refusing to review here. So I won't bother reviewing this, even though you tried to trick everyone by putting you hip hop thing in the experimental. We know who you are!
R.E.M. Feat Swann Ill Rock & Frost Bitten Jakob22

rage against the machine Nervosa
I almost thought this was in the wrong category, I like that it moves around genres without causing much problem. I hear the effort in production and mix, the drums and synths mesh well together. The guitar is not far behind from the pack, I think the vocals compliment the rest of the layers more than the guitar. It might've fell into the mix a little better. I like the break in the middle, I think it let the rest of the song breathe a little easier. I don't have any qualms with this piece, but I can't point out anything that reached out to me personally, and consequently I don't have a favorite part. This could just be a personal opinion, maybe I like my rock and my electronic farther apart, and I can't dock points for that. But overall, a solid piece, I really can't complain if I listened to it again.
Halleluja Sugarstick