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Not quite a minute? Ailwyn Rees
Well, thank you for filling in 53 seconds of my life with a brief, but exceptional bass line. Couldn't detect a hook in this brief amount of time, but a nice bit of distorted slide in there, but a lack of punch from the drums. Were they digital? The track finished a while ago and I'm still typing! Such is life! Perhaps the next track of yours I listen to will be 1min + ?
Dissonant Uprise The Trouser Cops

Nice take me away song ROXI
I like the Melody a lot. Very smooth and relaxing. Not sure what the song was about because I had a hard time hearing the words correctly. Just the right length for a lovely song. thanks
Universe Sly Witt

What shall I do for the next 10.09? Ailwyn Rees
I found the first 3.58 very tedious, then the track bursts into live with some good guitar, bass, drums - basic but appropriate. 5.53 a complete change of direction, nice bass solo, good use of percussion, 6.57 a Stereophonics like guitar riff! There's more to follow too, 8.01, the vocals burst into life again, a bit more powerful this time, with backing vox in places, better than the first 3.58! 9.22 another quirky change, a simple acoustic guitar solo as an outro. This song won't appeal to many listeners, which is probably a good thing, as you won't get many on this site, but they're not me, as I enjoyed it. Nice!
Valentina I-V Raff

You're free! Ailwyn Rees
Well, here I go, venturing into the world of metal again! The main problem I have in understanding what you are singing about, as I managed to pick out 4 to 5 words in each bar. Oh well, that's the gripe out of the way. The bass/ guitar work is top notch, well harmonised, tight as a ducks arse, making the track enjoyable to listen to. It's all well mixed to create a good overall production, and I will have a few more listens to try to understand the lyrics better! Well done!
Reflecting Lies

The mellow detector... Ailwyn Rees
A Pink Floyd inspired experimental rock track, lyrics galore, speeding tickets radar detector obviously didn't work, tardis, hares, all adding to a fascinating song, Very bizarre, but a great way to acquire full marks for songwriting! The bass was somewhat outstanding, but could do with coming up a couple of dB. Guitar... the acoustic was good in places, but again, perhaps consider bringing it up a bit too? Drums were a bit non-existent, so maybe you could use a different programme? They didn't sound too authentic! I enjoy listening to this experimental stuff, and I know who you are!
Metal Detector (soft) Expresso Stebo