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Cool hard rock tune with unfortunate tempo dragging ptalbot
Professional sound in this one. Good double guitars with the right amount of grit and attitude, hard left and right. Clean drums, I'm missing a bit of bass, could have been pushed a bit, it's masked by the guitars and there could have been a bit more low-end. Great vocalist for the genre, goes high and is well served by some tasty delay. Something in the timing is weird though, like the tempo starts to drag after the introduction. I wonder if this was tracked to a click. It could have helped, because I really get the impression that there is a tempo slow down in the pre-chorus... if anything a tempo speed up would have sounded better there. A cool little rocker with the right amount of attitude but some bad tempo wavering
Become Liquidirts Colabs

Pretty song for a pretty girl ptalbot
Nicely captured acoustic doing some really cool arpeggios sets the mood for that one... Got quite a well controlled low-end except for one low note that is ringing perhaps a little bit too much, should be easy to find the precise frequency and notch it down a bit. But I'm nitpicking. A few misses here and there on the guitar, could have been corrected although it gives a 'live' feel to it that is quite enticing. The vocal is rather dry with just the right amount of reverb to it (perhaps cutting a bit of high end on that reverb return would make it sound even more natural though, it's a touch 'artificial' right now). Nice tone and cool voice, singing a pretty melody, quite engaging. I like the doubling/harmonies that you can feel more than hear in the chorus... really delicate touch that goes well with this song. All in all, a pretty song for a pretty girl, I hope she's happy!
Pretty Steve Ison

Bare bone arrangement for a nice song ptalbot
A bare arrangement (2 acoustics and a vocal), not sure this was fitting in the Rock category, especially when you have to compete with full fledged band. The acoustic guitar in the intro is a bit muddy, some HPF/low shelf could have cleared it. Some effort to use different open chords voicing, which is always nice. It's not unusual in its progression but the open strings make it full and cool. I'm less convinced by the tempo change, especially the second guitar little noodles... Not sure this needs to be repeated that much. The guitar solo playing is fine but I'm not a fan of what it plays. Actually I prefer the first part of the song. The up tempo part sounds a little bit forced. It is welcome that it goes back to the first vibe in the outro. I would have done that before though. The singer sounds quite good and has some good confidence and attitude. The tone is right for this song. Would like to hear a full band's take of this one. There is a song here.
Let It Heal Mid Mo Guinea Pig

Folk for real ptalbot
Sounds like a live recording. From the few applause at the end, I guess it is. The song is bare, acoustic guitar strums + lead vocals and one background vocal. OK. The singer sounds a bit more country than folk at times but it's quite typical folk and it sure sounds like the real deal. The background vocals are not always in pitch, but I suppose this helps getting a real feel... I will not propose some transparent tuning because I suppose I will be shunt for blasphemy, but transparent tuning can be... transparent. The kind of song you would expect at the end of a party when most of the people have gone and only a few good friends have gathered around a fire. There's worst feeling than that!
Dreams Mr. Troll

Great intro to a fine song ptalbot
Man, I love that intro. I wished it would have continued in this vein... But pretty soon we get into safe country/pop territory. Not disagreeable, but there was a shade of brilliance and originality in that intro that unfortunately resolves in something that is just fine. The background vocals are nicely done, nothing bad to say about that. Impressive range from the vocalist that is venturing in high territories with some good confidence, even if the pitch is less assured in these cases. Actually the bgvs are nice at first and then they get tiring. Too much of a good thing can end up a bad thing, and I think this is the case here. So sorry that you didn't explore more of that brilliant intro that was opening to much more than this simple song.
Lonesome Lizzy 11 Pages