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Bull's Blood Krispy
Somewhere in the chaos of slight tube-driven distortion there's a dark and powerful soundtrack to someone's intense experience. With a couple of take-a breath Gimme Shelter moments, it's a full bodied red of strong character. This may be what Joy Division sounded like at their first rehearsal. Where Ian Curtis was just making up the lyrics or reading a long poem in melodic form, his manic eyes fixed into the middle distance. It's exactly 10 seconds longer than the other song but because there was so much less space in it it seemed like 10 minutes. So it's about freeways and no vacancies and comes across therefore as a road and motel movie. No Country for Old Men but with less blood. I don't know what's being related here because where it's not drowned the continuous quality makes it easy to lose focus. However, it certainly has an atmosphere all its own and, to me, distinct retro references; Johnny Cash and diners and cars with wings. It's kind of likeable, in a whoa - not generic! way.
Freedom from the Freeway Expresso Stebo

could have developed into something, but . . ingolee
Not much of an effort here, kind of frustrating because I can't tell if this is short and bad just to be different or if there are some good ideas waiting to be heard. Nothing here is done well from a musical standpoint. Production, musicianship and songwriting are all poor. Of course that approach could be used to make a statement that I would like to listen to but this song starts weak, goes nowhere and ends in a hurry. Why?
95 Days (instrumental version) The Trouser Cops

oh my cjdenecia
oh my, I thought I was done .... seems like I've reviewed about 17 parts so far ..... no mind, I can't be far from done and actually, besides the one where the gal sings a poppish song, this is the most different musically. and it's actually probably more funky in it's own way. plus it has much more emotion and more dynamics in not only the music, but the story line and it's delivery too. it's still a talking book with music .... but hey, that's what it is. the production and voicings and voices are absolutely no different from anything else I have talked about with the other sections with the exception quite possibly of the electric guitar stuff - the tube sound. which is nothing to write home about but isn't annoying nor bothersome but I'm not sure I dig the quick theft from zep in this concept. and once again, there are times when the lady singing the backing parts seems to be just ever so slightly out of tune and for me, that's a turn off. her voice sounds good enough but it's just not hitting the same pitch as my ear tells me it should be based on the chord structure sitting below. how does that happen? anyway, points for the keyboard start, that's sorta coolish stuff .... coupled with the bass, it's something that might could be something cool in other worlds. the tense parts that follow it on strings works too. dynamics are good. some tense and near exciting moments if you're listening to the narrative and bed in context. it does fall back off and get a little tame again and that ends up being sorta boring but in a project this long, there's gonna be those moments. battle of the bands.?? frigged up man. like the whole story had no place else to go except follow the guitar line. not feeling largely entertained as much as exploited for the sake of settling with the first ideas. interestingly, I think about how my face must look while listening to this and it's all over the place. from shock horror over why'd you do that to confusion about how you did it. at least this part, tho thieving, is more fun than some other parts than I recall. it ain't dope and it ain't fresh but it is daring.
Mink Stolen Part 4 of 5- Battle of the Giant Minks Interstellar Fur Traders Band

Avante Garde Art Rock of Angels Weeping steban
The one thing this reminds me of is the Grateful Dead. There's this folksy swelling drum beat that everything syncopates off, this Phil Lesh lead bass, these sweet vocal harmonies. This lead singer who tells a story I happen to know the basis of as a Whovian is having a lot of fun. Another Dead thing, poetic and referential lyrics that 30 years later you finally learn what a song you really like a lot was about. Now I am a Deadhead, too, so I am naturally attracted to this style of song; nonetheless, it is not as easy at it seems to hit upon a great song in even their format. Lots of bands do try, but few songs have the staying power. This one does. It has a whimsical feel right off the bat, with some wild clashy chords that portend of some trouble. Ah, angels weeping, and the turtle creeping across the garden, wow, what cool words, what the heck you say! I suppose it won't work for everyone, but I enjoyed the many faceted melody and Jerry Garcia-like guitar brilliance, and a song that stands apart from the crowd, a song I feel is partly personally written largely for me.
Angels Weeping, Once Lovely in the Distance Daniel P Hudelson

the beginning. at last. cjdenecia
inevitably, eventually, I had to find at least one more in this series to review and I think I've finally hit on part 1. which I think is my last ...... it's far more like a talking book with music than a soundtrack song and in that capacity, it's actually quite entertaining. like a movie without the video. atmospheric. somewhat dynamic. groovin'. melodic yet just a bit linear. a little psychedelic while being controllably tame and actually, mellow and sorta straight-laced. the composition of the music is led off and then paced by the very soothing electric piano .... the strings that are added are a little too synth-based but it is what it is. drums add the groove pretty well with decent sounds and a well conceived part. my favorite part of the bed is however, the bass - which does the most to build the dynamics. it's all simple and to the point and does well to let the backing vocals add the spacey ideas to the fray while the guy narrating the story line is casual yet expressive and quite easy to listen to. being as it's probably part 1, it's good to finally hear where and how the story starts. not that it makes all that much sense to me now but at least I get the gist. not really seeming like something that appeals much to me, I do like how it is delivered and how well it flows and how it is paced. really nice tone and an easy range to accept in my ears. incidentally, tho the concept of the lyrics is sorta freaky and unique in some ways, to steal directly from mythical yore doesn't show me much imagination as much as it shows that smoking dope while digging back through the old book and movie collection can yield somewhat mixed results. personally, I wish the band had made up some new names and not stolen so blatantly from history. camelot? the round table? come on, like make believe all over again? I don't dig the theft a bit. yet, it's a well done start to the show I already know ... in retrospect, it's the best part of the story except for maybe the section where the leading lady dominates. there, it seems just a smidge rough on intonation. not to the point of saying it's bad but definitely to the point of distraction. somebody wasn't dotting all the i's and crossing all the T's. but that's me feeling like I've had enough of this in parts at this point. knowing that the system here won't allow for a 60 minute song, I forgive ya'll but to be honest, I can't fathom reviewing this whole deal in one shot anyway. so .... what shall be shall be. good luck on getting that big deal.
Mink Stolen Part 1 of 5- Camelot Bound Interstellar Fur Traders Band