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Average agreeable pop thing ptalbot
From the intro, I get a strong Dire Straits vibe, from the strummed electric and the lead, and the simple bug efficient drum groove. The mix is not outstanding, but everything is clear enough and the tones are good throughout. Only the toms pop a bit too much here and there, would be good to tame that down. Good musicianship all around as well. The only thing is that after a minute or two I get tired of it because it's quite linear. And the fact that the lead is simply outlining the main melody again and again is not helping. Some other melodic ideas would have gone a long way of breaking the monotony here, I think. Overall, not a bad listen, but there's something missing (a bridge, some counter melody, a real guitar solo) to make round it off. With a bit of extra production, this one could be really good. Keep it up!
Into the Light The Frontliners

Is this the perfect pop song? Ailwyn Rees
Well, not quite, but it sits well with me... It's the type of song that would sit well in the UK Charts today, which is quite an accolade in itself. It has almost everything in it, and for me that's what makes it a good production. That is why you score well on production and arrangement. You have succeeded in putting together a track with great commercial appeal for a lot of tastes, mixed and sung well too. I couldn't really detect a hook as such, but in my opinion this track doesn't need one, as it has everything in it, hence top marks for originality. No emotional impact for me, because I'm simply a grumpy old git, but I've listened to a lot of your compositions now, and I know who you are, and I admire your approach to recording top quality indie compositions... Rather amazingly, you lose, but do niot be disheatened, as the other track was\excellent too, and I'm sure this track will win many more rounds...
Out Of My Mind The Case for Infidelity

mr. happy sun Nervosa
Super bright happy simple piece. It's really easy to listen to, so the mix can't be that bad. If I had to be picky about it, the acoustic guitar is a little rough and the vocals could use a shine. You could really bring the vocals out and make some magic there. The lead guitar is hurting a bit too, just a bit underwhelming in the mix. Structurally, you know what's going on. The creativity is not there, it's elsewhere. Sometimes things just need to be easygoing and simple. Where this song shines is the musicality of everything else. Definitely belongs in a Sunday picnic mix.
A New Tomorrow The Frontliners

Well crafted pop song ptalbot
This one is has commercial potential for sure. The arrangement is efficient and professional, good hooks, a bit too much repetition for my taste but I suppose that's the kind of hammering it takes to get in the general public's mind. Good sound, punchy drums, great overall balance, nothing outstanding but everything is flowing nicely and I can tell that a lot of thoughts have been put into this. Well done!
Out Of My Mind The Case for Infidelity

feces on a diamond. or at least a ruby. cjdenecia
it starts sorta weird, with a familiar drum vibe - getting dark as hell but not sinister. first, I like the song. it is quite seattle grunge era meets early naughts metal pop but .... the production and mix doesn't allow the best aspects of the song to come through. for a cheap demo it'd be great but the problem is that it seems to have been recorded very well but just mixed horribly. with no regard for production values and no thought whatsoever to the listener and how you should make it easy to hear the song in it's best possible light. or sound .... the drums are well captured tho a bit thin with everything having a very high mid concentration. and then the electric rhythm guitar is sounding like it's been recorded in a totally different atmosphere/room. like two different songs .. and the vocals sound great, but you can't hear them initially. they are buried in just the drums, keys and guitar during the first verse. on sorry, there's a bass there too .... then the dirt guitar comes in and destroys everything with it's volume and tone. horrid. luckily, the vocals were lifted there but everything else got lost to a degree. this mix is hard work to listen to. I hate it ... which is a pure pity cus I like the song. it has some really melodic aspects that I appreciate and a good rock drive and a pretty smart arrangement. don't get me wrong, I don't find it particularly original nor groundbreaking and it doesn't seem to want to take us to a new level for the chorus and furnish a fabulous hook that will sit in our heads but it still does have a memorable over all intention. which works .... but it's really not a finished product to be sure. it needs loads of mix and production work. and so much in fact that I don't really feel like going into it as far as what needs to be done. the parts were mostly well captured (recorded) but they just were mixed with a lead ear. get someone else to do it. and then show me again. cus this is taking a decent song and ruining it .... stupid shit.
High Up in The Sky Kill That Rooster