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Curious rock song? Ailwyn Rees
Yes, there are a few misplaced songs on this review system. This would be one of them. I like the laid back approach to this one, but rock? Methinks it would fit more snugly into the Pop Category... Love the bass, but can't score it, as it's not in the individual aspects! Nice sax sounding effect on guitar in places, but the track is dominated by keyboards, which again I can't assess! Good overall production, reminds me a lot of Barry Manilow, and should do well in these charts. Mind you, that will depend on how many reviews you get.....
How Can I? Pat

Love gets in your eyes steban
A solid guitar/vocal melody in this one. Bass is played well, too. The words are good for a sad lost love song, and the music is a touch more melancholy than not, and sung with such a smooth, sensitive, poetic, empathetic tone that I keep forgetting it is a sad song. Well, I suppose that is the case , that this end game of love was not the singer's idea or desire, but he is resigned to the outcome, to the unchangeable truth of the situation, but still bummed out by the freshness of it. There is a specific story here, a sequence of events, maybe it is the story of a man who goes away for work too much, until one day the one who waited became tired of waiting, who couldn't stand it anymore, and hence love slipped away... This has the Al Stewart/Seals & Croft softness, it is just not a summer breeze or even year of the cat this time, more like the James Taylor thought I'd see you one more time again situation, and I suppose people sometimes want to commiserate with a sympathetic environment, in which case this is one of those theme songs for such occasions.
The Love In Your Eyes Pat

And Dream We Are Free..... steban
I am not able to understand all the lyrics, but what I do are cool- they know what is good for you- I am thinking it is dream police thought control, which is a reasonably intelligent topic. The incessant speed metal bass/drums is a blur, and there are nice parts, a lead guitar solo, some breaks and chorus-like transitions. But overall it just drives, and the melody is buried by that, but it is a normal melody in there somewhere.
Reflecting Lies

The Exorcist made me do it! steban
There is a more distinctive melody here that is a hook, of sorts, and mostly makes it not so flat an arrangement. The vocals are pretty good with the harmony voices and the growl. I still don't hear the whole story easily, but the idea comes across now. I'm not sure the production does the music justice, but a certain machine gun attack inherent in metal places precise speed maneuvers over other musical aesthetics. And so the question remains- is it fine as is for this genre? Perhaps for purists, but perhaps not for perfectionists.
Helmet Kill That Rooster

Progressive Metal Rock. Ailwyn Rees
Well, I wasn't expecting this! An interesting blend of metal, Rick Wakeman-like keyboards, choral-like voices, light and shade, all in all progressive and experimental. I liked the element of surprise within, not knowing where the song was going to lead to next, almost Yes-like. Quite a few accolades here, and you deserve them for being outrageous and brave! Guitars, drums, bass all solid in the right places, almost like you gave each their turn for the limelight! Great effort, and you win the round!
Clarity Krazykeyz Music