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Audiopolis is reviews and reviewers, musicians and fans.  Here, you review music and/or get your music reviewed. We are dedicated to the independent musician with the primary goal of helping each member improve their song-craft. Through member reviews, community discussions and other avenues, we strive to help everyone succeed in what they do musically. Regardless of their current level of achievement. All independent musicians and listeners welcome!

Latest Reviews

Something of the night Krispy
Electronic drums set the pace and tone early but appear initially to be out of tune with the guitar, which I never realised was possible. I don’t particularly like the drums – they have a ‘suck’ effect, all flim and no flam - but the song gets going pretty soon with a driving groovy bass and enough noise to absorb them. The most distracting thing is how the levels are all over the place, the vocals knock everything back when they sweep in and are generally too loud. But it’s a good voice and likeable singing, especially with the non-standard Arabian style twists. It’s a moody track which has echoes of early eighties Electronica, a brush of Newman perhaps. Moving swiftly back into noughties post-Grunge Rock with Prog Rock leanings. No one can say it's picked its genre and stuck with it. Nifty guitar work leading into what is a strange ending, like the last ten minutes of a movie, almost the Loony Toons signature. I would’ve expected a lingering fade. More guitar please. A good song, atmospheric and slightly introspective, needs a touch of objective knob-twiddling on the desk to get everything in its place. But not bad at all.
High Up in The Sky Kill That Rooster

All the way to my love Ailwyn Rees
A composition much like Lennon/ McCartney, reminding me a bit of their contributions to the White Album, short but sweet. Very much piano orientated, but very difficult to pick out the bass. Perhaps consider using more low end to bring it out more, and whack it up a few decibels in the mix? Repetitive vocals form a memorable hook, and overall it's a nice chill out ballad, reflecting as an emotional impact! A pleasant song to listen to... well done :-)
All The Way To My Love Steve Ison

Mix of sounds... nunani
This piece of music can be considered a mixture and union of independent sound elements that slowly appear and disappear on a repeated rhythm based on ritualistic drums. Not much to say...
Time Turns Into Color RGMixProject

Just another Piano... nunani
Good piano , slow, enjoying each note... It's not sad, but very sticky in its esence. That kind of music is very intuitive but needs all of your attention if you want every detail. The singer needs more "connection" to achieve the level proposed by the pianist.
Love To Be There (orchestral version) Pat

What the flower children say. Krispy
Essentially a sixties style song with a lot of words, most of which are muffled and probably intentionally slurred but they sound nice. A well constructed tune with awareness of a good format. The lead vocal is tuneful with wobbly vulnerable edges smudged by what sounds like a bit of chorus. Spacey backing vocals broaden the scape which is tinted with happy colours. A bit predictably but might as well follow the recipe. The production is a little muddy, leaving us reassured with a few seconds of good old-fashioned hiss. A pretty good Pop song, not outstanding or highly memorable but certainly didn’t make me want my time back. I’m not a big fan of that 90’s skipping drumbeat. I don’t know what it says except he thinks he’s silly because he lost his mind. Don't be so hard on yerself mate.
Bore... JoJoMax