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Audiopolis is reviews and reviewers, musicians and fans.  Here, you review music and/or get your music reviewed. We are dedicated to the independent musician with the primary goal of helping each member improve their song-craft. Through member reviews, community discussions and other avenues, we strive to help everyone succeed in what they do musically. Regardless of their current level of achievement. All independent musicians and listeners welcome!

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Obstacle course in another dimension Nervosa
Lots going on. I like a lot going on. Swaying ambiance synths, flowing guitars, all that. The lead guitar is solid. There's something in there that does the song right. This song lacks visible structure with the fading instruments, that's cool for sure. Beyond that, nothing really rubs me the right way. Some layers are kind of cheap and thrown together quickly. The vocals are not fun for me, they take a lot of effort to listen to. The lyrics are vanilla, maybe it was composed by stream of consciousness, which is fine, but they weren't significant in any way. I think this song is about spiritual positivity and just putting things into perspective or getting out of our heads, so at least I got somewhere. I just couldn't get over the vocals though.
Test of Love 2013 Expresso Stebo

The Giving Tree Nervosa
Zeppelin is pouring out of this song's veins. Classic guitar, the guitar mix is carefully adjusted; it's just enjoyable to listen to. And the vocals just add another element to the song. The two just take care of each other. Man, the mood is just so great and I feel the effort and meaning. The song just knew it was doing from the start and kept giving and did not let up. Mystical stuff. I don't know how to put it. Great? Unique? That's boring. What's wrong with this song? The mix isn't radio friendly? It's so down to earth, though. I'll give this more listens and try to find better words, but for now I don't have any.
MOPP Robert Clark

no, I won't review those that don't review. cjdenecia
sorry boys, you've dumped on me and audiopolis long enough. you came here, uploaded loads of songs but you not only don't do reviews but you don't even bother to rate the reviews we've given you. which number in the dozens ... I wish you luck with your music but I won't give you another opinion or critique on any of your songs. you simply don't deserve it. you take take take and give nothing. I think that about sums up your time here. and obviously, things aren't really going your way - bummer. don't care. I did when you started here but in the end, you're just another user. so feel to fuck off ...
Love the Hate Feat Devilz Speciez Jakob22

Buzzkill or a Killer tune Nervosa
Alright, elephant in the room, this is punk 101. You ripped Dave King's face off and taped it to your head. The drum recording I think needs a fine tuning, not as fun as it could be. But the bass is delivering. Guitars coming in was swell too. The vocals have effort put into it, I don't know if it's something I'd listen to personally. Structurally, not a lot to think about. You know who you want to sound like and you're doing what it takes. It's not a pain to listen to, and this is probably fun live, I'll give it credit; maybe fun is all it needs to be. I mean you're singing about a zombie girl. So you got your punk riffs and you're zombies and some people might be bored with both already. Or it's just drinking and fun.
(She's a) Zombie Dead City Dealers

Skeletons in the closet Nervosa
Great start, I'm sold on the creep in. I'm very interested at the guitars too. Nothing bored me at any point. This is Maiden inspired no doubt; it lives though unlike a crummy knock-off. Production is great. To be picky, I would love a stronger vocal track, and maybe spread everything out a little more, even though maybe the 80's prog rock spirit lives through that. This is just a good time backed by creativity and soul. Just a solid track in and out y'all.
One Liquidirts Colabs