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Fancy syncopation, big chords and poetic steban
The song has lots of words, but am I sure "I will wait for you" is the entire story. I'm not sure I'm understanding all the words, but poetry is like that. Ah, frozen in time! I like the line but have no inkling what that implies. The arrangement is pretty direct, a good amount of musical build with some cool vibes on the basic theme, and that keeps the music fresh, as the verses roll into the more memorable chorus, albeit vague in meaning, not words. I'm not sure what to say, it is a song I musically like but am ambivalent about lyrically. Perhaps too serious, perhaps any drama is lost in achievement of the style. It is good but not great.
Frozen In Time Pat

Love gets in your eyes steban
A solid guitar/vocal melody in this one. Bass is played well, too. The words are good for a sad lost love song, and the music is a touch more melancholy than not, and sung with such a smooth, sensitive, poetic, empathetic tone that I keep forgetting it is a sad song. Well, I suppose that is the case , that this end game of love was not the singer's idea or desire, but he is resigned to the outcome, to the unchangeable truth of the situation, but still bummed out by the freshness of it. There is a specific story here, a sequence of events, maybe it is the story of a man who goes away for work too much, until one day the one who waited became tired of waiting, who couldn't stand it anymore, and hence love slipped away... This has the Al Stewart/Seals & Croft softness, it is just not a summer breeze or even year of the cat this time, more like the James Taylor thought I'd see you one more time again situation, and I suppose people sometimes want to commiserate with a sympathetic environment, in which case this is one of those theme songs for such occasions.
The Love In Your Eyes Pat

You're free! Ailwyn Rees
Well, here I go, venturing into the world of metal again! The main problem I have in understanding what you are singing about, as I managed to pick out 4 to 5 words in each bar. Oh well, that's the gripe out of the way. The bass/ guitar work is top notch, well harmonised, tight as a ducks arse, making the track enjoyable to listen to. It's all well mixed to create a good overall production, and I will have a few more listens to try to understand the lyrics better! Well done!
Reflecting Lies

Curious rock song? Ailwyn Rees
Yes, there are a few misplaced songs on this review system. This would be one of them. I like the laid back approach to this one, but rock? Methinks it would fit more snugly into the Pop Category... Love the bass, but can't score it, as it's not in the individual aspects! Nice sax sounding effect on guitar in places, but the track is dominated by keyboards, which again I can't assess! Good overall production, reminds me a lot of Barry Manilow, and should do well in these charts. Mind you, that will depend on how many reviews you get.....
How Can I? Pat

Stereo is extra good love song... steban
... singing along to her favorite song... it is a love song, too! There's a lot of compliments cleverly bestowed to this person. I have to say this is pop in the sense it is geared for the straight, uncontroversial lyrical journey, no grenades here! I enjoy the general arrangement, and the production is very good. The singer is not phenomenal, but he is very spot on the money and has a solid tone for this style. I like the melody, and I especially like the space as each part gets gently folded in. Pretty tremolo guitar, the performance is in control and results in an almost country vibe. I wouldn't consider this an encore number, but it is easy listening.
Crazy Beautiful Andrew Kopacz