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Creatures have ears because Krispy
So you tear out a page from a magazine, a picture of a city street, or the desert, or a farm or something, and you cut out pictures of people from other pages and stick them on to the background wherever you feel like they should go. In this tune, the music is the page and the voices are the figures and they are arranged but not yet stuck down. I’ve not heard a musical collage for a while, and I don’t have a problem with them. In this case however I don’t think the music has enough substance to support the voices. I feel like they should be more part of the whole, rather than appearing, as it were, in front of it. The voices are pleasant to listen to – especially in juxtaposition with the grating guitar licks - treated well with reverb and placed well in the soundscape, the whole thing has a soothing quality despite its chaotic nonsensicality. The quality and glimpses of subject matter reminds me of 60’s movies. Interesting use too of chopping samples to make sounds out of words, which defies the familiarity of the brain with language. So I’d like to hear the soundtrack with more balls; a bit more kick drum and bass, and whole thing squeezed up around the speaking and toward me. It’d be worth it because the song grows on you with each play, and a more committed groove could keep you hooked.
R8649 Simplex Virus

Another Original Parsons Project Project! steban
After two minutes of instrumental, I'm beginning to suspect this may be that number on the album, the interlude, so to speak. I like the way it starts, and I feel the mellow lead guitar melody is reminiscent of a TV spy theme song, and I really like this version. The music stays razor focused on the one motif, developing fully every possible nuance, without error or deviation, which helps it remain defined and probably more memorable. It is pleasant in all respects, a gentle interpretation of a theme, suggestive of other disconnected music and yet feeling original in its entirety. Neither uplifting nor depressing, it is inquisitive and exploratory in mood, perhaps suitable to study by. I know that is not on its surface a flattering description, but it is like that to me and not a negative aspect either. I can hear this as part of a concept album, helping glue together some of the elements, foreboding things to come, reflecting what is past, and I want to hear that album.
Winter Dance Pat

Longer days and colder nights... steban
Song starts with a Dead sensibility, almost acoustic, drums not in a hurry, and the beat has a little shuffle to it. When the singer begins, he has a credible easy going style. I'm not implying this guy should be on the voice, but he's not difficult to listen to. I found the melody pleasant enough, the lyrics not overly inventive but not too bad, pleasant like the music. The arrangement has a lot of air, easy to comprehend what's going on, and the various parts of keys and background vocal harmony and guitars all come through strongly. The bass seems fairly low in the mix, but I'm OK with that. The arrangement builds predictably and effectively. I like the "I'll pick you up" quickened rhythm phrase, I'd consider it the primary hook as the rest of the song is pretty vanilla. This is a side effect almost unavoidable for such a style of song, easy rock. So overall a good song, very well performed and crafted, but crafted to be not so very distinguishable for any particular reason.
Gone Pat

Loving the World Away Krispy
This song does that awesome thing where it pulses with the snare. I’m going to push myself to believe that’s deliberate, which is very generous in consideration of the vocals being at a generally unacceptable level relative to guitars and especially drums in the mix. And I’m gonna guess that a producer who can make a song pulse would never allow that nor recording it all next to a very big waterfall, in which they are all engulfed at the end. That’s a lot of wet on your reverb. No drums to speak of; they are sort of absorbed in the mysterious pulse. The bass is doing some spankingly good things , not least because I’m relieved it’s there after the driving synthetic intro into which it may have been incorporated. It’s a rather camp vocal delivery, and I can’t hear a lot of the words except, ironically, “Can you hear me now?”. There’s also a lot of what “she” is doing. Judging by the hook which follows, they’re not particularly nice things. The Beatles wouldn’t stay in a world without love, and this guy takes it one step further and refuses to even believe in it, losing patience with it all at just 1 minute 50. It’s a fun, bouncy song and I don’t think there’s a strong message, but I feel it might’ve come to something with an additional minute. Still, always better to go out with a bang. Or, like Moriarty, into the falls.
I Will Not Believe Flying Killer Robots

Stereo is extra good love song... steban
... singing along to her favorite song... it is a love song, too! There's a lot of compliments cleverly bestowed to this person. I have to say this is pop in the sense it is geared for the straight, uncontroversial lyrical journey, no grenades here! I enjoy the general arrangement, and the production is very good. The singer is not phenomenal, but he is very spot on the money and has a solid tone for this style. I like the melody, and I especially like the space as each part gets gently folded in. Pretty tremolo guitar, the performance is in control and results in an almost country vibe. I wouldn't consider this an encore number, but it is easy listening.
Crazy Beautiful Andrew Kopacz