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Hard rock ballad in mono? ptalbot
A very conventional chord progression on this one fitting the bill of a hard rock ballad, which I just realized it is (only obvious at 1:30 or so when the distorted guitar comes in). The singer has a strong voice and I could imagine it working in an 80s hard rock tune. Less so in a ballad. The sound is really muddy, and almost mono sounding, except for a few moment when a bgv is coming in and panned surprisingly wide. There much too much reverb overall. The drums are tiny and the bass undefined, the clear sign of untight low-end. Not very much separation which makes for the mon sounding impression. This could go well in a Scorpion or Iron Maiden CD, with a more polished mix. Keep it up!
Threat of Rain Babbling Genius

More variety pop than folk ptalbot
I got to hand it out to the guy, the woah oah, cheezy as they are, fits there. He can sing as well, and seems confident enough. There's a good amount of cheezyness in the whole song anyway, so I guess this matches pretty well. It sounds like something that could have been done by a 'variety' singer in France in the 80s... trust me, I was there! As such it fits the bill. As a modern song, not really. The production is ok. The mix is not great but works as a lo-fi pendant to the style. Originality is not the strongest point here, but I suppose that's not the intention, and musicianship is ok, piano is a bit over the top at times, as can be expected for the genre, I quite like the cello though, it's a nice touch.
California (Tell Her I'll Miss Her) Steve Ison

Might work for a concept album introduction ptalbot
I can only suppose this is the introduction of a long concept album, and it might work in this case, but as-is, hum, let's say that I'm not a fan of lectures over background music, which basically is what I'm hearing here. Fortunately it's short! ;)
warm winter nights Bankrupts

Inventive drone like ditty that grows on you ptalbot
I quite like the mixture of drone bass with over the top percussions and a haunting female vocal on top. Quite original, and it kept my attention throughout even though the harmonic structure is rather linear. But the invention is there and help the listener listening... I'm not sure about the bass sound, it's very rich in subs but could have gained from a little bit more mid/high frequencies. At least make it evolve with the song. The percussions are over the top and a kind of mix between electronic and acoustic. Quite inventive. I feel they are sometimes overbearing though, and especially in their panning. Some section with a restricted stereo would have been cool IMHO. The vocals are sweet and slightly dissonant at times, but it's all relative because in the end, there's very little harmonic content to be heard, which is probably a good choice in this song. I would have pushed them by a couple DBs though as they have trouble sometimes to cut over the percussions. Nice once all in all. Inventive and pretty well done!
Tangled Up Sugarstick

Nice folky song from yesteryear ptalbot
Cool harmonies and strong vocal are fully featured here. I quite like the simple but effective arpeggios and the melody overall. A couple of timing issues but nothing too distractive. The double guitar could have been panned more widely, or have better separation, they kind of mask one another which causes some phase cancellation. There's a bit too much reverb as well which doesn't help. The vocals have some sibillance, mostly coming from the reverb. You should try to EQ the reverb return and cut some highs on your reverb, it will sound more natural and will probably help with the sibilance. The violin part works for me when it sounds like a mellotron, but less when it tries to pass for a real violin, it's a good effort but quite difficult to succeed. I would have gone with a simple acoustic guitar solo for that or forget it entirely. In short, a nice little intimate song that's rather easy on the ears.
A Talk With God (Who Loves You?) The Addiction Club