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It doesn't matter at all Ailwyn Rees
I'm perplexed! Why is this pleasant number loitering in the Rock Category? It's not really rock... mire like a pop ballad for the first 3 min, then it got rockier, reminding me of early 70's Genesis! I guess it doesn't matter at all, as the outro constantly drums into you! Overall I like the song, ambling along at a gentle pace for the first 3 minutes, after which you beefed it up, making me realise that I was a bit too hasty in questioning your judgment as to where you placed the song! The guitars stood out, and the whole production was very well mixed. Perhaps you could have considered some backing vocals instead of overdubbing your vocal, but it's just a suggestion? That could possibly improve the melody? Drums were a bit weak in places, but that's better than overpowering the mix! Overall, I enjoyed listening to it :-)
It Doesn't Matter Pat

Experimental Rock! Ailwyn Rees
If there were such a category, this number would be placed within it! You've conjured up a curious mix for this one, and your Bassist stands out by far, dominating the track, standing to one side for the lead guitarist, then taking charge again. Good use of the fret board too, not just giving out low end... nice! I couldn't understand what you were singing about, but I've reviewed some of your songs already, so I give you a fair score for songwriting. Your vocals were very crackly at the beginning... I got the impression that it was deliberate, hence my experimental rock reasoning. Couldn't hear the keyboards too much, but with all the other instruments in the mix they sit well in the background. Overall a nice piece of work... you win :-)
Blanca Luz Natural Complice

smorgasbord of beat and voice cjdenecia
lots to get into here if you're into beat, voicings and sound. that is conversely defeated by lack of melody and strong structure. sorta ... cus it's obviously not meant to be a conventional song as a pop purist might think it needs to be. lots of tight sound. drums electronica solid. bass end gets hit now and then - mostly by percussionistic voicing but it's still there. part of that is the pad that sits in the mix but let's take what we can get here. the various notes pumping through seem to be part of the bed rhythm more than featured instruments and that's interesting at best and somewhat shallow musically at worst. the good news is that I think it's more about what you can do with a female voice over a drum track that matters to this artist. and along those lines, there's lots to consider ... it's got voices attempting to act like instruments in their delivery and effect and basically, it works - but to what end? there's snippets of melody that act independently of each other but sections (with words that mean little if anything) that seem to feed off each other to present more than what each part could possibly mean independently. making this a tough one to understand, disect and appreciate. it's solid, it has structure and thought. it has beat. it has many different elements that make music but do they gel and make a coherent song? the answer to that is yes. and no. the song is there, hidden in its isolated complexities but does it give me enough to care about it as a song? probably not. it's various talents shown off as a small part of a bigger picture that is vague, somewhat pointless and highly self indulgent. like we as listeners don't matter cus you got your art out there. which I appreciate from the perspective of viewing it in a gallery but sorry, I won't be buying it, taking it hoem and hanging it on my wall.
What happens in November? Kim Christie

Blow the fires away... and the opposition? Ailwyn Rees
It's that familiar voice again, with the regular backing vocalists, never ceasing to disappoint! Lots of oohs, aahs, booming out, filling the song nicely. Good solid vocals are the foundation of this 3 min wonder... good length for a 45 rpm single. You score well overall, but it's the synthetic weak sounding drums that are a let down. They just sounded too digital, and if it was a human behind the kit, give them more welly! The lyrics are inventive, experimental, thought provoking, and all in all, it's a good arrangement. Nice one :-)
The Vigil Phlogiston

Wow.............................52 seconds! Ailwyn Rees
I've just completed a time and motion study... It takes 52 seconds to tick the relevant marks for the review aspects, then the song finishes with a bass solo... 1 root note. For what it's worth, it wasn't that good, but not that bad either... Songwriting - not too bad for 52 seconds worth, undecipherable lyrics though. Originality - reminded me of The Dickies, who did a remarkable version of the theme tune of The Banana Splits! Musicianship - tight for 51 sec's. Emotional Impact - left dumbfounded after 52 sec's. Production appeared to be somewhat effortless.... Hook? Not long enough to have one! Drums - I guess the drummer didn't even break sweat for this one? Guitar - pretty good Bass - excellent solo for the outro... Arrangement....
95 Days (instrumental version) The Trouser Cops